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Ride You

Ride You
Pairing: Matt Tuck/Padge
POV: Padge
Rating: NC-17
Notes: This is mostly based on this picture, which is awesome hotness.

"I want to ride you."

Matt was almost half naked when he said those words, a sleeveless t-shirt that clung to his slim body and white socks being his only attire. On the other hand I was still fully clothed. This wasn't an uncommon occurance, Matt could rid himself of clothing at a surprising speed. His erection pressed against my own bulge. His hands stroked my clothed chest, lightly pushing me back towards the couch. He kissed me again, slightly more forcefully then before as I fell back onto the red cushions.

He pulled back from me, licking his lips and reaching down to my crotch. He quickly unzipped my fly, pulling out my aching dick. He looked me in the eyes, sliding down to his knees. "Can I?" I nodded a little, which made him grin and swallow my shaft. His tongue traced over my veins, his head quickly bobbing up and down. His hands moved up under my tee, stroking my soft, sweaty skin. His right hand moved to my pit, his fingers wiggling in the hairy area. I bit my lip to surpress a giggle, and he tightened his lips to make sure I didn't. He withdrew his fingers, now covered in my sweat and bought them around his body. I groaned softly as he pushed them both within his tight ass, spreading himself open for me. He groaned around me as he did so, sending vibrations through my body. He thrust his fingers in deep, wiggling them for me to see. He was so hot when he did that. Little slut.

He pulled off my cock, removing his fingers at the same time. He smiled up at me, his lips shiny and wet. He stood up slowly, then climbed onto me, back to my chest, and lowered himself onto my throbbing shaft. I groaned softly and his head tipped back slightly. I wrapped my left arm around his body, pulling up his t-shirt to expose his belly. His right hand went to my hair, holding onto my head as I leaned in close, kissing at the soft skin. As I gripped onto his leg with my free hand, spreading his legs slightly wider, he used his hand to stroke himself. I purred softly, licking his sweaty skin as he rocked up and down my shaft. My fingers stroked his skin as he increased his speed, squeezing around my pulsing cock.

"Oh fuck..." I smiled at his moan, ramming my still-covered hips up against his cheeks. He gripped my hair tighter, pushing my head closer to him, lapping more at his skin. He tasted of sweat, something I'd come to enjoy. I purred softly, watching as he wanked himself faster, which made his asshole twitch more around me. I pulled his shirt up, wrapping my lips around his nipple. I sucked and licked at the small, hard nub, bucking up hard into him.

His eyes squeezed shut tighter, an even louder groan of pleasure leaving his lips. A sure sign I'd caught his spot. I smiled against him, holding tighter onto his leg as he kept himself angled so each time he slammed down I hit his spot. "Cum for me my whore. Your tight ass feels so fucking good around my dick." He moaned louder, twitching more around me at my words. I knew I was getting close, I could practically feel my cum pulse at the base of my dick. His hand sped up on his leaking shaft and he bucked up harshly again. I kept my eyes on his dick as he came, releasing in hot, thick spurts over his belly as he moaned my name.

It was so fucking hot to watch him cum.

He kept himself impaled on me as he spasmed in orgasm. My own eyes lidded and I finally let go of his tee to hold him close to me as I came deep within his heat. This was why I loved him although I'd never say so. I kissed his skin lightly between heavy pants releasing his leg to let it fall to the couch beside me. I moved my head up, quickly planting a few kisses on his neck before easing him off my dick. He whimpered as my softening length left him, then again as I pushed him to the floor before me. I smield to myself, gazing betwen his cheeks at his hole, which was open from my dick and drooling my load. I licked my lips and leaned down, burying my face between his soft cheeks as I darted my tongue out to taste myself. I felt the stubble on my chin brush against his cleft and heard him moan as I pushed myself within him. I loved tasting myself inside him. I didn't give a fuck that it was probably against my image, I loved eating him out too much to care what anyone else thought. I wiggled my tongue around his walls, lapping up every drop of cum I could get. I moaned above me, his fingers digging into the carpet.

"Fuck Padge, you're tongue... god." I chuckled softly, moving my tongue faster within him and deeper within him. I'd now managed to retrive all of my salty fluid so most of what I tasted my him. I allowed my eyes to lid once more, reaching up to hold his cheeks to keep them spread. All I could smell was his scent which, if I hadn't just came, would have made me hard again. After a few minutes I finally pulled away, giving the rim of his twitching hole one last lick as I did so. He pushed his asss back against me, needing more, but I ignored him. I knew it would take to long to get him hard again and I couldn't stay there forever. As much as I'd like to.

As a consolation, I wrapped an arm around his waist and straightened him up, then moved around him and licked all the cum he's shot from his belly. I purred at his taste, which was slightly stronger then my own and was glad I'd manged to get it before it had dried. Once I was done, I kissed his navel, dipping my tongue inside before standing up. I smiled at him, returning to the sofa and sit down. The only sound in the room was us both panting. I watched Matt shakily get to his feet, then remove his t-shirt before sitting beside me, my own hands tucking my cock away and zipping my fly up. We sat there in silence for a few more minutes, then he pulled the remote from between the cushions and flicked the TV on.

I paid no attention to whatever was on, glancing at his beautiful naked body every so often. I knew it wouldn't be long before we were tangled together.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, matt tuck, matt tuck/padge, padge, slash
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