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Dark bodies floating in darkness

I finally found a download of the Resident Evil soundtrack last night. I've been looking for one for ages since I lost the disc (several years sago) and lost all the tracks. Bah. Anyway, I have it now (apart from Rammstein's track cause the download didn't have it for some reason) so yay! Resident Evil soundtracks are always awesome and each one's led me to buy new stuff, but since I lost this one I couldn't search for all the good ones, now I can. I've got it on now.

I didn't speak to mum all yesterday, though that's in large part due to the epic nap I had (between before 5 right through to just after 9). So I missed most of the good TV. Damnit.

Ah well.

I've made an apointment for the doctor. It's Friday at 9:20. Bah earliness. I hate that there's times when my head feels fine, then it goes to shit again.

I've took the last neurofen, so I'm onto a different liquid thing (Anadin) which I've not had yet.

Happy birthday Gerard.

I've got Kerrang. There's a review of American Taste Of Chaos and they have a pic of each of Bullet bar Jay. It's starting to annoy me that every review seems to have the others but no Jay (bar Big Cheese with it's awesome only Jay pic).

Stupid magazines.

There's nothing much else really of note. Matthew likes AVA, the Elliot Minor poster's black and white (and the album's good) apparently. Next week's doesn't look too special, though there is a Good Charlotte poster and a Kill Hannah one, which has the singer (who I found is called Matt... great, did we really need another one?) topless with angel wings. I approve much. I'll have to learn their names and do soemthign with them.

After seeing a primer thing for James Dewees I wanna do something with him too. He looks so cuddly and hot. Plus he's gotten Gerard to dress as a bear which is a plus. Question is, who with? Part of me wants to say Worm but I'm not sure yet.

Yesterday I watched the first QI series, so today I might do the second.

I tried doing that Worm/Mikey fic, then got block soo I've switched to doing the Matt/Padge one hich should be finished at some point today. As long as my head doesn't get worse I should be able to finish it in an hour or two. We shall see.

Tonfa-style lightsabers are cooler then regular ones, and I need to do a Force Unleashed icon before it comes out. Still I've got months yet.

Edit: YAY! Panic!'s here:D
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