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They can't help where they came from

Ugh, another shit sleep.

I had to have so many of the pills last night it's unreal. I've now gone through a third of the total.

Outside looks so magical. At some point it's snowed and settled, so it looks so perdy.

Nother pill for me.

I tried writing but no ideas would come. I typed a line, hated it and deleted it. Then typed another. Same thing. Sigh. Looks like Worm/Mikey will take awhile.

Tomorrow looks like it'll have to be a slow day, despite the gig. I'll be spending most of the time indoors and, when out I'll go slowly. I'll definately have to have a Mcdonalds or something and I won't join the line until it's moving. I'll take some of the pills with me.

I'll also have to be proped up against something and preferably have to have the place where I was at Panic! or 30 Seconds. I'll probably sit out most of it.

I know that probably sounds like I'll have no fun, but that's not true. I'm to fragile to go near the pit and my height means I get a pretty good view at the back anyway. That and I don't wanna take chances.

I've got no desire to collapse.

This is mostly bought on by me walking this morning and feeling extremely unsteady.

I'll try not to make it suck.
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