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Eeee! Doctor Who is back! Yay!

The Adipose are the absolutely cutest things ever! They're so cute, waving and winking and jumping and being all adorable. And sliding! I want one! or ten.

Donna and the Doctor kept missing each other, it amused me.

Then finally meeting was even more amusing.

He shoulda kept the sonic pen though.

Donna amused me not believing the Titanic was real. She's amusing. And, weird things in Cardiff? Which ones?

And isn't the space ship so pretty?

What the hell is Rose doing there? I'm confused. Wah! Why is she back so early? Why wasn't she all there? Why isn't she stuck in the parallel Earth? Whyyyyyy?


The pills do wonders for my head. Although last night I had a terrible headache and couldn't sleep, at 7 I finally rememeberd I had the pills and took one. I was able to sleep at last. Huzzah. It still sometimes returns as painful though.

And the first mcr_fridayfive... done by me.

1: Who do you think is the most underrated member of the band?
Bob, he needs more love. Lots more

2: For about awhile now Gerard has promised the boys would go on a break, as yet it hasn't be forthcoming. Do you think they'll have one soon and if so, how long should it be?
I hope they do have one, for a few months. They need the rest.

3: If another single is released off The Black Parade what would you want it to be?
The Sharpest Lives or Mama probably.

4: Are you excited about The Black Parade Is Dead? What do you hope is included on it?
Yes I am. I hope the new videos are on it, that and the gigs of course. And toplessness backstage.

5: What do you think of Bob's hillbilly look?
I thing it's so so hot. Is that wrong?

Edit: And a random thing. Americans have no right to bitch about British words being used. There's a reason the language is called English.

Edit 2: There's already a petition for Adipose yay!
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