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Space Pig

Oh gods, that was so horrible.

They killed Tosh. Even though I knew it in advance, I'd hoped they'd changed their minds. Alasa, no.

Yeah, they got Owen too, but I cried for Tosh. She was adorable.

Grey's a bastard, I hate him. And it's clear who got all the looks in the family

Other things:
*How angry Ianto was. Angry Ianto is a sexy Ianto
*With Owen gone hopefully that means Martha can replace him
*The Hoix! (And what happened to it? surely it couldn't have been sedated for all that time)
*Why it was Tosh examining the Space Pig in Aliens Of London (but why didn't they get someone from Torchwood London in?)
*John's back< 3 Hopefully he can return sometime in series 3. Maybe he'll join the team. (but he'd be too busy trying to get in Jack's pants... wait, that's a good thing)
*Is it wrong that part of me hopes Rhys joins too? Not that he could offer much but...
*Don't those creatures have a name? It's stupid just calling them creatures.
*For the love of fuck don't let Rose join. Sure parallel Torchwood has here but this one is better and can't be spoiled by her.
*Tosh's video:(

Yes if it was up to me the Hub would be a crowded place.

At least it didn't end with a cliffhangy thing like series 1. Though they're all gonna end up meeting the Doctor which is good (though Gwen can go away).


This is me rambling.
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