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Pairing: David Desrosiers/Benji Madden
POV: Benji
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Scat
Notes: My first fic involving Simple Plan. Yay? this fic makes use of the bandana/hanky code

I gazed over the young boy as he came through the door. He was quite pretty, with jet black hair hanging past his ears, a piercing through his right nostril and another ring through the center of his lower lip. He wore a tight, bright pink t-shirt and a pair of equally tight girl's jeans. I knew he had to be attracting some stares, but I also knew that most would lose interest once they saw his right wrist. Wrapped around it was a brown bandana. That was code, in all circles, for a guy that was into scat. I licked my lips. Luckily for me, I was into it too. Majorly. I watched as he made his way across the room, his black lined eyes darting this way and that, obviously searching for someone with the same bandana colour as his.

Of course, I chose not to wear my colours so clearly. I was flexible and so often went after guys who wanted what I was in the mood for. Sometimes I wanted to fist a guy or piss on him, other times I just wanted a good, tight hole to fuck. I kept my eyes on the boy, watching as he went to the bar and ordered himself a drink, making sure to stay where he could get noticed. I waited for a few minutes, just sitting and watching him. He still attracted the occasional stare, but I knew most were just looking to see if he got any action. Some were probably waiting for him to give up waiting, or at least change his mind. Sometimes guys would come in wearing one colour then, after a certain amount of time with no action, changed it. Others were determined to get what they wanted and wouldn't change or remove it at all, despite a long wait. Sometimes I'd wait too, but this time I didn't want too. I wasn't prepared to test this pretty boy's convictions, I wanted him before he had a chance to bolt.

So, after ten minutes, I made my way to him, sliding onto the bar stool beside him. "Hey."

He beamed for a second at the attention, then regained his composure and just smiled. "Hi. I'm David."

"Benji." I returned his smile, feeling his eyes roam over me. I knew he was assessing me in his mind. I was bigger then him, with tattoos covering my arms and a few more piercings on his lips. I'd had more then one guy assume that my lip rings meant I was a little pussy whore, but I proved them wrong. I often led them on, then slammed their heads against the wall and made them submit to me. I knew I wouldn't have that problem with David. "I see your bandana."

David nodded, his left hand stroking the material, his eyes glinting hopefully. "Yeah. You into it too?" I merely nodded and licked my lips, a grin escaping his mouth again. "Great!" I looked down as his right hand trailed over my thick thigh, his fingertips pressing against my bulge. "Do you want to... go?" I chuckled softly at his forwardness, though I guessed he was just eager.

"Yeah, sure." I didn't want to let my own eagerness show. I stood up and led him out the bar, smiling as he hoped off his chair. He couldn't have been older then 21 from the looks of him and he was most likely younger. I didn't care though. It's not as if I was forcing him into anything. I led him down the road to my place, which was blissfully within walking distance. After a few minutes of silence, I decided to make some form of small talk, despite knowing I'd probably not see after tonight. "So, is this your first time with a guy?" That was probably the most important question I could ask him, as it told me how rough I could be with him, or if I needed to be gentle. I had taken a few guy's virginities before now but, despite how tight they were, I prefered boys with some measure of experience.

"Yeah, I have a boyfriend." He said that last part so softly I wasn't sure I heard him right. His slightly flushed cheeks gave him away though, confirming the words that left his lips. "It's not that I want to cheat on him, I do love him. It's that..."

"He doesn't want to do what you want?" I finished for him and he nodded slightly. I'd had this before. Sometimes guys were interested in things their boyfriends weren't and their curiousity overwhelmed them to the point where they had to go out and try it with a stranger. Sometimes it was a one time thing, their interest satisfied. Others... well, sometimes once was never enough. "This is your first time trying to do that?" I nodded at the bandana.

"Yeah it is." He was still blushing, though less so now.

We turned up the road where I lived and I nodded slightly. "Tell me, what do you want me to do?" He looked at me, slight confusion on his beautiful face and I spoke again. "What I mean is you obviously want to do scat, butwhat? Do you want me to shit down your throat? Up your ass? Or just all over your body?" He squirmed slightly at my words and I could see the outline of his boner through his pants. "Tell me." We stopped outtside my home and I led him to the door, listening intently for his answer.

"Over me." Again, he spoke quietly, almost shyly. I had a feeling that's the kind of person he was, shy and introverted. "Especially my face, hair and belly." I nodded slightly, allowing images of him like that to enter my brain as I unlocked the door. "Is that ok?"

I chuckled softly at his words, nodding and licking my lips. "Oh yes." I pushed open the door, gesturing for him to enter, which he did. I closed the door behind us, setting my keys aside before reaching out and lightly stroking the globes of his ass cheeks. He jumped a little at first, but then smiled and allowed me to keep groping the clothed area. After a few moments, I decided to led him straight through to the bedroom. It wasn't the room I slept in, this was the room I fucked in. I'd learned better then to fuck and sleep in the same bed. As the rom was used like that it was sparsey populated. Apart from the large, black covered bed and similar looking chair there was only a wardrobe and chest of drawers. The latetr contained various toys while the former held the larger things and outfits. I probably wouldn't need anything from either. "I think we're bother overdressed don't you?"

He grinned and nodded, his fingers rapidly moving to more the few items of clothing that clung to his frame. He was even more beautiful naked. He was slim, though not overly so and his skin was pale and lacked ink. My eyes were drawn to his crotch as soon as it was revealed to me. He was smaller then I was, though I'd assumed that already, though he was slightly longer then average. He lacked girth though. His balls weren't small either. I was surprised he didn't have any more piercings, though he'd probably have more done in the future. I nodded for him to lay on the bed and, as he did so, I took off my own clothing. His eyes were clearly on me as I removed my own t-shirt and pants. Upon seeing my crotch he let out a soft gasp and mumbled softly under his breath. "You're bigger then Pierre..." I smirked at his words, trailing my fingertips over my pierced member. So that was his boyfriend's name.

I thought for a moment, just looking over him. His cock was throbbing with arousal, his tip shiny with precum. He wiggled a little on the bed, clearly waiting for me to make the first move. I took a few steps towards the bed, the climbed up over him until my ass was in front of his face. I heard him inhale my scent before he spoke. "Do you need to go?"

I shook my head slightly. "Finger me. Hard and fast. Then you'll get what you want." I felt him nod and I reached behnd myself, holding my cheeks open as he raised his fingers up, sucking on them briefly before pushing the middle one against my opening. I bite my lip, breathing deeply as he pushed the digit inside me, wiggling it deep into me. For activities like this I'd found that hard fingering worked best. Waiting for me to actually need to shit took too long and drugs were too unpredictable. He moved his finger around inside me and I groaned at his probing. "Add a second." He retreated his middle finger, then pushed his next finger alongside it. I moaned a little louder this time as he pushed the fingers inside me. Although I was rarely fucked my hole wasn't tight, since often I allowed boy's to finger me. I pushed against him, squeezing slightly around his slim fingers. I wondered if he'd fingered anyone before though had a feeling he was just replicating what felt good for him. "Harder!" I growled down at him, then felt him move more insistantly within my hole, clearly desperate to get what he wanted. They increased their seed within me, the tips occasionally brushing my spot every time he buried them deeper.

After a few minutes of this I heard a surprised gasp and knew he was getting what he wanted. Sort of. I felt his fingers slip out of me and looked between my legs, watching as he examined the brown covered digits. I growled softly above him and he wiped them over his cheek, smearing it with my shit before returning my fingers to my opening. He buried them back within me, wiggling his fingers even more within me. I guessed he was playing with it. Dirty fucker. Apparently grateful for making this start to come true, he leaned up slightly and planted kisses over my soft sac, flicking his tongue over the wrinkled skin too. Every so often he would remove his fingers, spreading the warm contents over his skin before returning them inside me.

I wasn't sure how long we'd been doing this, but once I saw he'd managed to cover most of his face I moved away from his head when his fingers slipped out. His whimper of disappointment amused me, but it was quickly replaced by a purr of pleasure as I squatted over his belly, pushing out whatever else was inside me. His hands instantly moved to the forming pile, quickly spreading the mess over his slim body. Satisfied I was done, I moved up his body with a soft sigh, wiping my ass across his upper chest as I went. Once that was done, I moved back down between his legs, which he rapidly spread and raised. I didn't other stretching him.

I positioned my pierced cock head at his hole, looking down at him. His eyes were lidded, his hands rubbing my fresh shit into his skin. He pushed his ass against me, showing he was ready me so I slammed my large dick within him. He cried out in pain, but silenced himself by bringing his right hand, which still had the bandana secured around it, to his mouth. He pushed two of his shitty fingers between his lips, suckling them curiously and muffling any noises he made. His actions made me pull out and ram into him hard, gripping onto his calves as I started to ram him. His left hand moved his shitty belly, his fingers wrapping around his length to jerk off, staining the shaft brown in the process. As I increased my speed, I bent down over his body, not caring thet I was pressing my stomach into my filth as I did so. I kissed and licked at his exposed neck, vaguely tasting myself but being careful to avoid it. The hand in his mouth moved between our bodies, collecting more for him to eat. Apparently he liked the taste, which probably meant he'd either be more forceful with his boyfriend to get him to do it, be sneaky and fingerfuck him till he did it by mistake or trawl for guys like me. I made a mental note to check his phone for pictures of Pierre, so i knew which was preferable.

I kept slamming deep within him, hearing him groan around his fingers as I caught his spot. His hips aoccasionally arched against my body, until I gave up licking him and straightened back up. If I kept licking him I'd only end up biting him and it wouldn't do to send him back to his boyfriend marked. It wasn't long before his little body spasmed, his cock spraying his cum in thick pulses over my shit. His hands moved from their positions, instead gripping onto the sheets either side of him.

I wasn't quite finished yet though. I kept pushing in and out of his passage, moaning at his renewed tightness as he orgasmed. I kept my speed steady, stroking his skin ever so lightly. "Talk to me."

He nodded and breathelessly began to speak, no doubt saying whatever came to his dazed mind. "Please Benji fuck me hard, your big fat cock feels so fucking good inside me. Thank you so much for shitting on me, that was so fucking amazing, you taste so good." I grunted, slamming harder within him, knowing I was getting closer. He kept going, locking his legs around my waist. "That's it, keep fucking me. i want you to cum deep inside my tight, little ass. Spill it over my walls, make me yours." His hands, now not content to just grip the sheets reached up and ran over my sweaty skin. "Cum hard for me big boy." I came right after he said those words, my eyes fluttering closed as I released deep inside him.

I eased out from him, his ankles dropping from my back to allow me to move away. I wiped my shaft over his cheeks, then moved from the bed, heading to the drawers. I panted softly, pulling open the top one and pulled out the camera. I couldn't have a beauty like this and not take photos as a reminder. I returned to the bed and took various pictures of him, making sure to take plenty of his belly, cock, face and dripping ass. When I took the ones of his face he smiled lazily, his eyes half lidded in pleasurable exhaustion. He seemed to enjoy being photographed as he spread his legs as wide as possible and tried his best to look sexy. Little slut.

Once I was done I set my camera back in the drawer and kissed him on the lips. "Can I stay the night?" He asked in his soft voice, yawning and stretching.

"I figured you would anyway." I returned his smile, stroking his hair as he drifted off to sleep. I wouldn't join him in bed. I rummaged through his pocket, pulling out his phone and looking for a picture of Pierre. He was cute, but not as pretty as David. His face was slightly fuller and his hair was dark bown. I turned the phone to David's sleeping form, using the camera to take a shot of it and save it. For a moment I considered sending the shot of David, sleeping and covered in shit to his lover, but decided aganst it. I returned it to where I'd found it, then used my own camera to take a shot of him sleeping. Before I left the room I lit some scented candles to get rid of the smell. Even though it aroused me, I'd came now and it would get tiresome inhaling it later.

I left the room, heading straight to the shower.
Tags: bandana series, benji madden, benji madden/david desrosiers, david desrosiers, fic, good charlotte, simple plan, slash
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