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The stars up in the sky belong to the dead

Well, what have I been doing today?

*Laying in bed
*Starting fic (involving the bandana code, Benji Madden/David Desrosiers)
*Opened two wordpads for Alex/Sean/Josh and Worm/Mikey
*Going on Lego Star Wars
*Being Annoyed by mum
*Watching tv
*Doing a one player Civs IV game (yeah Mikey, turns out the disc is here)

So, now I'm online.

I'm not sure what the point of this post was, but I know it had one and I've just... forgot it. Or maybe I haven't. I dunno.

1 day till the last Torchwood ep and doctors.
2 days till Doctor Who.
4 days till Aiden (though I'm more interested in Kill Hannah and pestering Claire).
38 days till GIAN.
55 days till I hibernate.
(However many days it is until September 19th) when the Force Unleashed comes out.

Edit: Ianto's gonna be in Doctor Who? YAY!
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