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I cannot inhale the sparkle of your voice

So after much pushing from everyone else, I've finally made a doctor's appointment. It's for tomorrow, but it's first thing (at 9) cause there wasn't a later time available (or I'd have to wait till Monday). Joy.

It's not just the week-long headache though. I've also felt sluggish, often not wanting to leave my bed. I often find myself laying in the dark in total silence. What I originally wrote of as avoidence for not going to the course, I now feel might be something deeper. I cut last week and I can't think fully why I did, apart from the pulsing of the blood.

I looked online and saw I had most of the symptoms of clinical depression. The main one I'm uncertain of is getting pleasure from things I normally like. I don't know if I have that.

I guess I'll know tomorrow huh?

Several things came today. I'm still waiting on my cards. Two of the singles Mikey got came: The Blackout and Fightstar 7 inches. Also the money Claire's sent came. Thanks yous.

Since I knew I'd need only half of it I went to the co-op and got some things to see if they could cheer me up. Namely chocolate, Pepsi and Radio Times. I hope that's ok.

I'm gonna smoke later since I found my cigarettes. I might try going through a mental list of things I like to see what happens. I dunno though.

I might try writing, but I've had block that might be induced by all this. I dunno.

Looking through Radio Times, aren't the little Adipose cute? I want one.

For some reason I want to watch Enterprise, though don't have it to watch.
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