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Coming Home

Coming Home
Pairing: girl!Matthew Leone/girl!Nathan Leone/Jay James/Dan Torelli
POV: Dan
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Femmeslash, het, strap-on's, other toys
Notes: I seem to have a fondness for using DED's on the twin's. Any mistakes attribute to my now pounding headache.

I smiled to myself as I entered my home, hearing vague moaning sounds from somewhere above me. I smirked sightly, dropping my keys on a nearby counter top and tossing my jacket on a chair before heading up the stairs to the source of the noise. As I predicted, they came from the large master bedroom I called my own. I peeked into the room, the door open enough to allow me to see inside without being seen by those inside.

On all fours beside the bed was my boy, Jay. He was slightly shorter then he was, with muscular arms and a round belly. His dark hair hung to his shoulder so the strands brushed over the tattoos that covered them. Behind him, thrusting her slender hips aggainst his ass, was the older of my twin girls, Matthew. She was a pretty, slim girl with a mole on her left cheek and bleached blonde hair with a dark strip of black. Her breasts, while slightly smaller then her sister's, were perky and her large nipples were erect with arousal. "That's it, you like that don't you slut?" She chuckled, slamming the rubber length that protruded from her crotch back inside Jay's tight ass. Jay couldn't respond even if he wanted to. His face was buried between Matthew's twin's thighs, his pierced tongue pushed deep in her pussy. She was called Nathan and looked pretty much like Matthew. The only differences was Nathan's hair was fully blonde, she had a slightly fuller figure and her tits were a little larger. She also had a tattoo along her arm, which was a series of spirals and stars. I never understood why their parent's had chosen boy's names for them. Perhaps they'd been hoping for boys. I watched as Nathan's fingers tugged on Jay's hair, urging to go faster or deeper. Jay's left hand was cupping one of Nathan's full breasts, stroking the soft skin as he worked his tongue like the girl wanted. I could feel myself become aching hard at the sight.

Slowly, I pushed the door open fully and stepped inside. The air smelt of sweat, smoke and sex. As I approached I noticed a few small, round burn marks on Jay's lower back. "Daddy!" Nathan gasped out, almost breathlessly as she noticed me. Her eyes were slightly wide in surprise. "You're early..." At her sister's exclamation, Matthew stopped her movements, twisting her head to look at me.

"Please don't stop abusing your brother on my account." Mattehw beamed at my words, going back to the task at hand, resuming thrusting her sharp hips as I stared to removed my clothes, castting them aside to the corner of the room. The twins weren't biologically related to the Welsh boy that was squirming between them, but while they were here they considered each other brother and sisters, with me as their daddy. They made their choice to be here and I was so glad to have three such beautiful creatures to call my own. Once I was naked apart from my black boots, I sat on the bed beside the younger twin and watched them

Sicne they were now well aware of me watching them, there was a noticable change in their actions. Jay had bought both hands to Nathan's chest, each cupping and massaging a different tit, his tongue also seeming to work harder to please his sister. Nathan gripped harder on Jay's black hair, her other hand stroking the lizard tattoo on his back. Matthew's movements seemed to be rougher, with her thrusts punctuated by hard slaps to Jay's large cheeks. It's times like this that made mm think Matthew would be a mistress if she wasn't my little girl. Still, it was extremely hot to watch her dominate her brother, sister or, if I was lucky, both at the same time.

"Cum for me big brother, I know you want to slut. Show daddy that you can cum without your little cock being touched." I chuckled softly at her words, watching Jay's body jerk as she hit his spot. He wasn't small, in fact his cock was thicker then mine, with a row of silver barbells up his shaft. He was bucking his hips, moaning softly against Nathan's cunt. Matthew grinded against him, gripping onto his reddening asscheeks. Beside me, Nathan groaned and bucked her hips, her eyes squeezing shut tight as she came. She panted softly, her chest heaving as she stroked Jay's hair. I could see Jay's tongue lap up all she had to give, his eyes lidding. He spasmed between the twins, spilling thick spurts of cum over his belly. "Good boy." Matthew stroked his cheeks lightly, easing out of him. "I knew you could do it." She smiled, stepping away and reaching around herself to unbuckle the strap-on, sliding it down her smooth, slim legs. She stepped out of the strap-on and bended down, making sure to offer me a view of her small cheeks as she picked it up, wiggling her ass as she did so.

She straightened up, moving around Jay's body, holding the straps up. Nathan parted her lips and Matthew stuffed the black, shiny length between them, the shaft making her throat bulge slightly. Matthew secured the leather straps around her sister's head, keeping it in place in her mouth. I knew Nathan would be wiggling her tongue against the rubber, cleansing it. Next, Matthwew stepped over Jay's body, which had now collapsed on the floor, to stand before me. "Hello daddy." She smiled, swaying her hips slightly before sitting herself on my lap. She rubbed her ass against my aching length, making me purr in pleasure. "I missed you." She nodded to her brother and sister, then rolled her hips. "So did they." She planted her hands on my chest, her fingers teasing my nipples lightly. I kept my eyes on her, trying not to show any reaction to her movements. She rolled her hips again, her wetness covering me as she pressed her chest against mine. "Where were you daddy?"

"Nowhere important." I lied, licking my lips. It seemed to satisfy her curiousity as I always responded like that if things were work related. In reality, I was looking for a brother for them. I thought Jay was getting lonely, so I was looking for a fellow Welsh boy to keep him company. I'd gotten him before the twins and sometimes I wondered if he felt neglected now. After all, before I got the twins he'd never done anything with a girl. It was going to be a surprise for him. I'd seen almost ten boys so far and I'd narrowed those down to three. The first had long hair and a small goatee, had tattoos that reminded me of Jay's and went by the name Padge. His real name was Micheal, but I was fine with Padge. I liked it. The second also had long hair, though it was dark brown as opposed to black. His name was Gareth and he was rounder then Padge plus lacked the tattoos and muscle. The last one had the shortest hair, though his was black like Padge's. He was tattooed, though I didn't have time to truly study them as my eyes had been drawn to the gun ones on his hips. He was called Ian. Out of the three I was leaning mostly towards Padge, since I felt he'd have most in common with Jay.

I shook those thoughts from my head, not wanting to become too distracted. Matthew was now trailing her hand over my pirate tattoos, her hips still rocking against me. She could very easily just slide herself down my shaft if she wanted, but she chose not to. Instead, she just wiggled against me, pressing her body even closer to mine before finally speaking in a soft, seductive voice. "How should I get daddy off?"

"Get on me." She nodded, lifting herself up slightly and sliding down my shaft. I groaned softly, feeling her wetness twitch around me as she impaled herself on me. I leaned in close to her, whispering into her ear. "As good as your cunt feels, I meant your ass." She whined softly, moving up off my dick until it was out of her pussy. She moved down on me again, rubbing her soft ass against my cock. I felt my wet cock slip between her cheeks and she squirmed slightly until my head pressed against her opening. She pushed her hips down again, my cock head easily filling her, a sure sign her sibling's had done something to her ass eariler. I wondered what had happened, but knew I could ask later. Once again Matthew buried my erection inside herself, only this time up her much tighter passage. She groaned out loud, tipping her head back in pleasure slamming herself down fully on me. Although I held onto her hips, I was quite content to let her set the pace. She lifted herself up and down my length repeatedly, squeezing her muscles tight around me.

Her twin stood from beside me, moving behind her sister and wrapping her arms around her, letting her fingers caress the soft skin of her stomach. She held onto her, rubbing her gagged face against the back of her neck. I noted that Jay was watching from the floor, the lower half of his face still slightly glistening from pleasing Nathan. I smiled at him, reaching up and stroking Matthew's tits. "On the bed little one." He nodded, hopping up onto the bed beside me. He looked at me expectantly and I kissed him lightly, thrusting up into Matthew as my tongue probed his lips. He parted them for me, allowing me to explore his warm wet mouth. I could vaguely taste Nathan on his pierced tongue. I smiled against his mouth, moving my left hand to Matthew's crotch, circling her clit. She moaned in pleasure, her lips finding their way to my shoulder, kissing and licking at the skin there. Jay placed one of his hands on my back, stroking down gently as I deepened the kiss.

Our lips eventually parted when I bucked up one last time, shooting my load unexpectantly into Matthew's tight ass. She rode me until my orgasm was over, then slipped from my length. "Clean your sister up for me." I whipered softly to Jay, who nodded and fell to his knees, speeading her cheeks and licking at my cum dripping from her entrance. Matthew's fingers worked quickly to undo her sister's makeshift gag, tossing it onto the floor once it was freed. She whispered something to her so softly I couldn't make it out, then Nathan headed away from her. I lay back on the bed to watch, my sticky cock softening between my legs.

When Nathan returned, she had a familiar shaft in her hand. Twice the length of the strap-on and deep purple in colour, the double ended dildo was something the twins had a particular fondness for. Nathan moved it between the pair of them, pushing herself into one end before easing the other into her sister. Their hands went to each others crotches as they rocked against the shaft. They stroked each other's clits, their free hands cupping each other's breasts. The twin's knew how best to pleasure each other and it wasn't long before Matthew was arching her back and cumming around the rubber inside her. She slipped herself off it as Natahn did the same, the pair collapsing in a heap before me. Jay moved away from them, climbing onto the bed with me and curling at my feet, his lips now shiny with my cum. I smiled at him, watching as the sisters drifted off to a post-orgasmic slumber.

Jay kissed the soles of my boots gently, then moved up my leg, curling beside it and falling asleep too, his head on my thigh. I guess the twins had given him a busy day. I smiled at them, running a hand through Jay's hair lightly. I was so lucky to have these three.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, dan torelli, femmeslash, fic, girl!matthew leone, girl!matthew leone/girl!nathan leone/jay, girl!nathan leone, girl!nathan leone/matthew leone, het, jay james, madina lake, slash
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