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The wonders I've seen

Last night was spent, for all intents and purposes, hibernating. I was on a little bit, then went to bed and slept. Then woke again, watched Family Guy and went back to bed. I meant to write, but... bed was just way too comfy for me.

Isn't not wanting to get out of bed a sign of something?

I didn't spend all the time in bed though. I did some more Lego Star Wars (the first two levels of Ep III and the middle two of Ep II) and... well, that was about it.

I don't have any drink now and that annoys me.

Kerrang annoys me too. It's gone up 10p. And there's an interview with Matt and Shadows. Ugh. Avenged annoy me... well, mostly it's Shadows.I'd hoped there might be at least a picture of Zacky to make uo for him being with Matt (bonus if he'd have been with jay) but alas, no such luck. Matt looks hot but I basically skipped the whole thing.

The posters are ok. Simple Plan's coulda been bigger (or at least had them closer). Patrick just looks... shocked on the FOB one (has the cameraman got his dick out or something?). I just noticed Pete's got an owl tatt on his arm (who does he think he is Athena?).

The reviews make me want the next half of The Alchemy Index more and confuses me over FOB's dvd. Next week looks blah, but at least there's an Elliot Minor poster (I'll resist the urge to rant about the other one until next week, when I'll stick pins in it).

The best thing in it was when I turned the page and had a stupid moment. There's a pciture of four guys in a hot tub and one is blonde. So my brain automatically goes 'it's a Sean clone!'. Then I see in the individual pics and see his name's Sean which makes my mind thinlk 'there's two of em! eep!'. Of course, then I actually read the think and realise it is Sean (and the slightly shorter hair fooled me). In the tub with him is Josh from You me And Six (who looks cute), Aled from Kids In Glass Houses (who looks strange) and Alex from Elliot Minor (who looks hot but isn't the hottest Elliot Minor one who's Ed). So naturally, now I know names, my mind looks at that pic and smushes Sean and Alex (possibly Josh too) together for sex. I've always wanted to do Elliot Minor fic. So I may do something with that soon.

Random Force Unleashed squeeing. Duel Mode looks cool, but I'll have no one to beat up here. I hope it lets you go against AI.

My headache comes and goes. At first I thought it was gone completely but then it came back. Even the neurofen doesn't keep it gone for too long. Sigh.

I'm gonna try finish that fic I started the other day now.

My final (random) thoughts:
*Docking is so much hotter with pictures
*I finally have an idea for Worm/Mikey
*I feel like I should do another scat fic soon
*Alex/Sean fic yes?
*Zacky/Jay? (I've felt I've needed to do Zacky fic for awhile so... I did have a Zacky/Jepha one planned but never did it)
*I found an awesome Madina gallery, so I might do a post with them later (including toplessness, cept Dan...)
*I may do something based on that bandana code

Random request:
*If anyone has pics of Zacky culd they please share?
*And any Elliot Minor ones, I have trouble finding them

As to the poll the results are:
1: MCR
2: Good Charlotte
3: (jointly) FOB and Madina Lake
4: (jointly) Bullet For My Valentine, Panic! At The Disco, The Blackout, The Used
5: (jointly) 30 Seconds To Mars, Bring Me The Horizon, Fightstar, Lostprophets, Simple Plan, Tokio Hotel
6: Trivium

What seems strange to me is I've already done orgy fics for the first two (and also The Used too). I'm surprised Madina got to third, though I'm not surprised by everything being jointly.

Going by that I may do:
*An MCR one (switching out Frankie)
*A GC/MCR one (requested)
*A Madina one (which I've wanted to do anyway)
*Another Bullet one (ditto)
*Panic!, The Blackout and The Used may also be likely
*The rest is possibly
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