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I never really did catch their names

April Fool's Day's awesome. I'd totally love to see Patrick as a killer/victim though.

Thing's to ramble about:
*I started fic yesterday. It's got a bit of everything
*Nan's happy and was tapping her feet a little to music (which is good considering she normally doesn't move)
*I've been reminded I'm seeing Aiden next Monday with Claire... I need to learn more then just Knife Blood Nightmare and the soundtrack songs
*Playing Lego Star Wars and squeeing over toaster bot and the awesome dancing Kaminoans isn't the same without Mikey... but I still do it
*Yay for Maxxie having a boyfriend. No for leaving us in the dark about Chris. Bastards
*I thought the cheque had gone through and that's why money was there, but it hadn't so now I have no money in. (I don't even have enough to get to Birmingham Monday)
*When I go in tomorrow I'm gonna volunteer in a charity shop, cause this course has been useless (even though it was meant to be the most useful)
*I have to go to Job Center next Friday. Bah.
*Radio Times having Doctor covers is awesome
*So's Panic! in the charts
*There's a Star Trek game for the Wii that intrigues me... and it's only £19.97 (it reminds me of Empire At War, just for the Wii... something I''ve wanetd for awhile)
*Me and mum are getting on ok
*Danny's operation's Friday, last week was another check up

The Bullet calandar this month is better then MCR's. I can't tell if it's Matt or not. Nice knees though.

I might be seeing nan soon again. I'm too tired though and I wanna fic. Alas, mum's being annoyingly insistant.

Since I have a Job Center thing, this course might be over. So, Claire, if you want I could ask about you staying the night if you'd like.
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