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If only that were so

So I'm going in tomorrow instead of today. My head is still a bitch so I'm gonna get liquid neurofen today. How the fuck did I forgot that that=the best thing to clear my headaches? Sigh.

I got a letter from the course Saturday, but I'm ignoring it till tomorrow. If I went today they'd only make me feel worse right?

Instead, today I'm seeing nan and getting that.

Tonight I'll have a bath too, see if that helps. I was gonna have one last night but was too tired.

I'll take my notebook to nan's in case inspiration strikes or something.

I hate mum's at home causa the Easter holiday. It sucks.

My i-pod shuffle still refuses to work and I dunno why. I'm gonna try updating I-tunes then go again. The help just says the light blinking means it needs restoring but, after almost 10 tries at that, it still fails.


Has everyone done poll?

I might go on Lego Star Wars later.

Edit: Huzzah! It worked! All that was wrong was I-tunes wasn't updated. Stupid thing.

I'm being random and wearing my bra. I wish I knew where my dress was.

Mikey? Yous still getting singles? Need a list?
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