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Sinking Deeper

Sinking Deeper
Pairing: Patrick Stump/Jepha Howard
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jepha
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: Gods bless Lostprophets for playing when I did this... or I wouldn't have a title. And two fics in one night... scary.
Dedications: antontobias86, bloodyhands and batboy for requesting.

Patrick Stump.

That was his name, or at least the name he told me. To look at, he was harmless. He was a tubby guy, with a cute smile and always seemed to wear a hat of some sort, but never the same one twice. I'd seen him before. Every night I'd seen him at the bar he left with a different guy. Fat guys, thin guys, pretty guys, butch guys... he didn't seem too picky. Thing was, few of them came back here. I'd started to think he was a serial killer. Still, despite thinking that I was unable to resist his charms and now, here I was at front of his door, standing beside him.

I hadn't learned anything more from the car journey. He was very quiet. "Get in." I nodded as he unlocked the door, then pushed it open and entered. It looked normal enough, but I knew better then to trust normal. People that came to the bar weren't normal people. They might look like it on the way in but everyone there had one thing in common: a mutual love of kink. Some wore it on their sleeve, with tops dressed in various rubber or leather outfits and bottoms who wore next to nothing. Patrick wore normal clothes so here was no way to tell which he was, though his commanding tone spoke of a top. I took a few steps inside, then felt his hand slap my ass roughly. "Strip."

Yeah, definately a top. I took off all my clothes, revealing my heavily-tattooed body for him. Like him, I wore fairly normal clothes. I heard the door shut behind me as I undressed, my clothes cluttering his hallway. He didn't seem to mind. Once naked, I turned to face him. He licked his lips, seemingly pleased with what I saw.

"Never had a pierced cock before." He seemed impressed by it and came towards me, running a hand over my body. His eyes studied my tattoos, probably trying to decipher what they were.

"What are you going to do to me?" I asked him, looking him over just as intently as he was me.

He chuckled softly, shaking his head slightly. "What do you think I do to the guy's I bring home Jepha? Do you think I kill them?" I bit my lip, but didn't say anything or respond in any other way. He seemed amused by that. "I don't Jepha. I take guys, bring them here and fuck them. Of course there's more, but that comes later. But you won't die and I, sadly, won't keep you. Now, no more from you. Crawl into the living room." I got on my hands and knees, crawling through the doorway into the longue. It was a large room, with two sofa's, one black leather, the other red and plush. He had a flat screen tv along one wall, with various pictures covering another. I headed towards the pictures, squinting to look at them. I recognised some of the guy's in them. They were one's he'd took home. Worm, Ryan, those twins and a few others I knew but not by name. The pictures looked like they were all taken at the bar, though I'd never seen him with a camera. More I could get a clear look at any of the others he slapped my ass again. "Stop looking at them slut." Instantly I looked down at the floor, stilling my movements. I guessed they must just be pictures of his conquests but one thing bothered me about them. Why didn't he take the pictures of them here, with them naked?

His fingers trailed over the curve of my ass, lightly pinching my skin. He slapped my ass once more, making me yelp as his palm made contact with my skin, then he moved his hand away and circled me slowly. With my head down all I could see clearly of him was his leather boots. He slowly paced around me, reaching to stroke my skin after the third circuit. I shivered slightly at his touch, trying to resist the urge to look up at him. "Very nice Jepha." I heard him undo his pants and found it even harder to keep my eyes on the floor. I wondered how big he was. In my mind he was a big boy, with a nice fat cock. His fingers tangled in my hair, pulling my head back slightly to look at him, his cock in my face. I was right about him.

I opened my mouth wide, assuming he wanted me to give him head before he fucked me. He forced his thick cock between my lips and I wiggled my tongue against it. Both of his hands were on my head, holding me in place while he slammed his hips forward. I closed my eyes, inhaling his scent as he rammed down my throat. He pulled out almost all the way, then rammed back in, his balls slapping against my chin. I groaned around him, squeezing my lips tight around him. I heard him moan above me and I reached up with both hands. The left went around his waist to stroke his ass, while the right cupped his balls. I purred around him, letting him fuck my face as he wanted, his large bare belly rubbing against my head. I re-opened my eyes, gazing up at him as he pounded my throat. His head was tipped back slightly in pleasure, moans escaping his lips. His hips slammed against my cheeks and I wondered if he was going to keep this up until he came. I licked his head and along the veins over his shaft, feeling him throb against the soft muscle. His thrusts started to become more erratic, his groans becoming louder. He moved back until just the round, soft head was in my mouth. I swiped my tongue over his slit repeatedly, stroking his balls and ass as I did so. He came in hot spurts, but only the first landed in my mouth, he pulled back and aimed his length at my cheeks and chin, coating them all. He panted heavily, letting go of my head. "Perfect."

I released his balls and ass, returning my hands to the floor. I looked up at him, feeling his seed drip down my face. After a few more secodns panting he regained his composure and left my sight. I wondered what he was up to. I returned my gaze to the floor, hearing him move around. "Face up." I looked up again, just in time to see him snap a photo of me in this state. "Back down." I did as I was told, hearing him move away again. I could hear him open a cupboard, pulling some things out, things that would no doubt be used on me.

He returned to me, standing behind me. "Spead your cheeks." I did as he asked, reaching behind myself and placing a hand on each cheek, parting them for him. "Very nice." I could tell he was admiring my hole, so made it twitch for him. He chuckled softly at my action, then spat at my entrance. I shivered slightly at the feeling, spreading my cheek's wider for him. He spat again, then I felt something at my hole. I knew instantly it wasn't a cock, despite it being similar in shape. I closed my eyes as the rubber shaft entered me, stretching my hole open wide. I shivered slightly at the feeling, working out that the length was slightly smaller then Patrick's. Strangely, the shaft felt like there was something along it other then the veins. I tried to work out what they were and quickly realised that they were barbells. I'd heard some people pierced their toy's, though I had never experienced it before. It felt strange, but I liked it. He pulled it out a little, then slammed it back inside me all the way. The fingers that gripped the base brushed against my ass briefly, before he repeated the action over and over in rapid sucession. I groaned softly, digging my nails into my fleshy cheeks, my cock aching more. "You like that slut?" I merely nodded, letting out a groan as he slammed it back hard. I heard him purr softly as he did the same again.

Just as I was getting used to the feeling of the thrusting toy, he pulled it out completely with a soft pop. I whimpered, looking between my legs to see what he was doing. He reached for my head, forcing something between my lips to silence me. It wasn't a traditional gag, it was more like a horse's bit. He buckled it tight behind my head, securing it in place. Once he'd done that, he gripped my wrists, pulling them behind me before snapping a pair of leather lined cuffs around them. I squirmed slightly, but didn't put up a fight. His cock pushed against my hole, making me groan around the bit as he penetrated me. His hands wrapped around my waist, one jacking my length. "Mmm you feel so amazing Jepha." He slammed into me as roughly as the dildo had before him, his hand moving rapidly along my erection. I squeezed my ass regularly around him as he sped up, his head ramming against my spot. My precum dribbled down my length, lubricating his hand movements. His free hand slapped my ass twice, then gripped onto the cheek he'd been hitting. "You'd better cum for me whore."

I nodded as he kept up his thrusts and hand movements. It wouldn't be long before I did if he kept that up. He kept hititng my spot repeatedly, making sure he did with each thrust of his hips. I cried out behind the gag, my eyes falling shut. He thrust hard and deep, his balls slapping against my ass I groaned and bucked up, my ass squeezing tighter as I released over my tattooed belly. I groaned softly as the white fluid splattered over my inked skin, feeling him blast into me while I was mid-orgasm. I collapsed to the floor, watching some of my cum dribble down his hand. He wiped it over my thigh as he pulled out, letting me collapse on the floor below.

For a few minutes he just panted softly, sitting back in one of the sofa's. I bit the gag, twisting my head to watch him. He had a cigarette between his lips, taking a lazy drag as he watched me. He inhaled again, then blew another cloud of smoke out. "You're a good lay Jepha." He smiled, tapping the end of his cigarette into an ashtray before bring it to his lips again, his other hand reaching for a phone. He quickly dialed a number, then bought it to his ear. "Dan? Yeah it's me." I watched him curiously, smoke trailing from his lips as he spoke. "Yeah, he's here, ready for you." He nodded slightly, then spoke again. "Yeah, alright. See you then." He put the phone down, standing up and coming over to me. "Dan'll be here for you soon." He took one last drag, then stubbed his cigarette out on my back, flicking the end away. He gripped my hair and yanking my head back. "See, that's what happens to all the guys I bring home. I sell them to guy's like Dan." My eyes widened slightly, but I wasn't able to say anything even if I wanted too. "Don't worry, you'll be alright." He released my hair, picking up a piece of cloth and a bottle, popping open the lid and tipping it over the cloth. "Dan's tame." He replaced the lid, then covered my nose and mouth with the cloth. Suddenly I felt very light headed and dizzy. I looked up to see Patrick laughing at me, then my eyes rolled into the back of my head and everything went black.
Tags: fall out boy, fic, jepha howard, jepha howard/patrick stump, patrick stump, slash, the used
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