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I'm a stranger so what do I care?

Prepare for a geeky ramble ahead.

So in Star Wars there are two Death Stars. The first one (seen being built in Episode III and fully constructed in Episode IV) took 19 years to build, took forever to recharge, had a glaring weakness (the Rebels found that thermal exhaust port within a day of looking through the plans, possibly less so why didn't any Imperials spot it?), didn't have any defenses capable of destroying fighters (except other fighters and it's commander was so fucking arrogant he didn't send even half of the full complement out) and didn't have a very effective shield (rebel starfighters could get through it with no trouble).

So when it was destroyed at the Battle of Yavin what did the Empire do? Order a new one that's what.

The Second Death Star was larger then the first, yet was mostly completed in just 4 years. Of course it had it's own problems. First it had holes and not just two meter thermal exhaust port holes, holes big enough to fly starfighters through comfortably... all the way to the reactor core. Even more glaring weakness much? While it had more defenses on the surface, the Empire didn't think to but any down said holes... or even cover them up (despite allowing the plans to fall into Rebel hands so they had to have some idea what would happen). Of course it had a better shield, but that was easily destroyed too (come on, the best the Empire had to offer was beaten by a small strike team of trained commandos and a bunch of cuddly teddy bears).

The best thing the Empire could have done would've been to build the generator on a barren, uninhabitated planet (preferably with weak to non breathable atmosphere), let the Rebels gain the wrong plans and have defences down the tunnels. Of course if the Emperor let the Endor fleet just move in and destroy the weaker Rebel one then it would've been a quick battle.

In short, never let someone who's arrogant command a Death Star. They will always underestimate an enemy and, despite having the resources necessary to win easily, will never use them.

This is what happens when I'm laying in bed thinking of non preverted things. I ramble about Star Wars. More often then not it stays in my head but... I just figured I'd share. Goddess knows why.

I'll try and go back to writing since I've had block.

I must resist the urge to buy CCG cards until after the ones I've ordered have arrived. Unless those full sets are still cheap on the 5th, then I get em all (what I want the Executor, Hoth and several others).

I look at the new bfmv100 challenge and think of two things. Hmmm.
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