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Are you brain dead? I'm not going in there with two Jedi! Send the droid

I've the sudden urge to watch Star Wars Episode I. I've got the Neimoidians panicing about the Jedi in my head. I love how pessimistic they are. They've some of my favourite characters. After Kit, Han, Boba, Anakin/Vader, R2, Zam and Aurra. I'll give whoever knows who they all are a cookiee.

Maybe I should do the series run I keep meaning to do, only not do it all at once. Like I watch one a day or something. Maybe that's the best way to do it.

The poll I started yesterday already surprises me. Most are at joint forth. I also have no idea who three of the people are that have voted so far. Who the hell are you?

My headache's mostly gone I think, but since it's been there for so long it worries me. I might go to the doctor.

I wish I could go on Majora's Mask, but alas, I'm not sure I know where the Gamecube disc is.

Yay for Dibley last night being the one with Kylie.

Tomorrow's gonna be eh.

And now I'm posting the current fics I have open.

Fics I'm currently working on:
*End Of Days [Jay James/Moose]
*Scream Aim Fire [Jay James/Matt Tuck]
*Gavin Butler/Sean Smith
*Patrick Stump/Jepha Howard

Fics I'm gonna be re-looking at soon (as in they've been started and I'll see if I can finish them):
*5 Dreams [Last main part with Frankie]
*Hungry Eyes [Bob Bryar/Ray Toro]
*Insomniatic Meat
*My Body is Your Body [Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith]
*Bob Bryar/Sawa (het)
*Jared Leto/Travis Barker
*Mikey Way/girl!Mikey

Recent fics to finish:
*Kerrang Tour 2008
*Kidnapped By The Hillfolk

Fics with just a pairing (and vague ideas, includes other requests):
*Contagious [No decided pairing]
*Crystal Lake [Pete Wentz/Robb Flynn] (death, torture)
*Enter Shikari [Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith] (death, cannibalism)
*Prototype [Jay James/Moose]
*The Great Jack off Competition [Tom Delonge, Moose]
*Wake The Dead [No decided pairing]
*Benji Madden/Paul Thomas
*Bert Mccracken/wiL Francis
*Bill Kaulitz/Tom Kaulitz
*Bob bryar/Mikey Way/Ray Toro (dom!Mikey)
*Gerard Way/Kazuo Kiriyama (death)
*Gerard Way/Mikey Way/Omar Abidi
*girl!Matthew leone/girl!Nathan Leone/Jay James/? (femmeslash, het)
*girl!Mikey Way/girl!William Beckett (femmeslash)
*Hiro/Sylar (torture)
*Ian Watkins/Jepha Howard
*John Balicanta/Matt Bellamy
*Johnny Devine/?
*Matt Tuck/Padge
*Mikey Way/Spencer Smith/William Beckett
*Tentacle fic

Not all of these will be done. Most are at least gonna be looked at. If Ideas come to mind I'll do them, but some may fall by the wayside. I may also do a few orgy fics, depending on how the poll goes.

It's a real random list huh? I'm gonna go back to the two I'm currently inspired for now: Jepha/Patrick and End Of Days. The first I was hoping to have finished last night but my headache got too bad.

Opinions on the list are appreciated< 3
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