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Three Random Things

Three Random Things
Pairing: Jared Leto/Tim Kelleher
POV: Tim
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM, fisting
Notes: The last part is based on a thing in Kerrang awhile back. Doing this makes me want to do Timmy icons. I didn't think I'd do 30 Seconds fic, but this idea wouldn't leave me alone. And it's Timmy.
Dedications: antontobias86, call this a random, late anniversary thing.

I shifted nervously in Jared's hotel room, wondering what he could possibly want with me. I stood beside the bed, half-naked just in cause he wanted me for anything like that, shifting from side to side. Perhaps he was going to give me my room key, since he apparently neglected to earlier. I'd been standing there for half an hour before he arrived. "Are you in there?"

"Yes Jared." I spoke up, slightly relieved he'd finally decided to turn up.

Are you naked"

"No I..."

"Get naked." He sounded annoyed. Really annoyed.

I sighed softly and undid my fly, pushing my pants to the floor, my boxers too. I kicked them both aside then spoke softly. "I am now."

"Good." He door opened and in he came, his eyes looking me over as soon as he entered the room, kicking the door shut. His tongue flicked over his lower lip, his arousal clear in his pants. "Now, you might be wodnering why you don't have a room key." I nodded a little, but he spoke before I could reply. "That's simple, you don't have a room." I blinked in slight shock, then bite my lip. Of course I wasn't going to have my own room, I knew most bands shared rooms anyway. I was about to ask who I was sharing with, but he cut me off as my mouth opened. "You do not get a room, you do not share a room." The confusion I felt must have been clear on my face as he chuckled. "You stay with me, if you're a good little boy that is. If you don't be then there's the door." He nodded back behind him to the door he'd just came through. "And the other's won't let you in if you go. So, what's your choice?"

I shivered slightly before makibng my choice. "Alright." How bad could he be? After all this was only Jared right? Sure, he'd topped me when we'd fucked before but... it hadn't been too rough. A little spanking, nothing more. He smirked at my reply, coming closer to me.

"I knew you'd agree Timmy, now let's find out if you're able to behave." He had a look in his eyes that I'd never seen before, something that was close to animalistic lust. I guessed all I'd have to do was get him off and then we'd be done for the night. Simple. "On all fours." I nodded, sliding down on my hands and knees. "Keep your head down." I shifted my gaze from him to he floor, hearing him start to undress. It was so tempting to look up at him to watch. He was beautiful naked. I managed to keep my will power, keeping my eyes on the floor. "Good boy." He came over to me, sliding a hand through my hair. He was so close I could smell him. "Your hair's too long, you'll get it cut." I blinked at his words, not believing what I was hearing.


He slapped my ass hard, harder then he had before. I yelped softly more in surprise then actual pain. "You'll get it cut how I want it. Short sides and a fringe." I opened my mouth, ready to argue with him, but he slapped my other cheek. "If you don't do it then you won't even be allowed on the bus at night, unless we're travelling overnight." I gulped and nodded, knowing he could do that if he wanted to. "Good boy." I felt something wrap around my thigh and looked down to see exactly what it was, my eyes confronted my a black leather band. "That marks you as mine." I felt him buckle it securely behind me, squirming slightly. "So much more intimate then a collar don't you think?" I wasn't sure what to say to that, though I started to think I'd agreed to more then I'd bargained for. He pulled back again and I heard him move away, then a soft snap. I wanted to see what was going on, but didn't dare.

Instead, I waited for him to return and realised that my cock was actually hard and aching from this. I guess part of me liked him being in control. He returned to me, using one hand to prise open my asscheeks. The other ran along my crack and I realised what that snap was. He was wearing one of those gloves he wore for signings. Two covered fingers pressed against my opening, the digits slick with lube. I groaned softly as he forced them both into me, slight pain shooting through me as they entered. I trembled at how easily they filled me, shivering as they wiggled slightly within me. It felt different then having bare fingers in my depths. I wasn't sure if it was better or not yet. I moaned as his probing fingers brushed against my spot, buucking my ass back against him. He chuckled again, scissoring them within me before pulling them back. I whimpered softly at the loss but knew I'd soon be filled again. Sure enough, I was, but not by the expected cock. Instead, his fingers were back, joined by a third. I winced slightly, the three of them spreading me open wide, wider then I needed to be for his cock. I wondered what he was planning to do exactly. Did he have sex toys or someone else in the closet? I shivered slightly, his fingers thrusting in and out, spreading apart my opening. Seemingly satisfied, he removed his hand and I sighed softly.

I gasped again, his fingers sliding back inside me only this time it wasn't just three, it was all four and his thumb. I howled out in pain, trying to wiggle away from the intruders, but he used his other hand to reach around me and hold onto my hip. "Stay still! You have to get used to this." I bite my lip, the thought of going through this again making me tremble slightly. I wasn't sure if I wanted to have Jared's fingers buried in me again or if I hated it. The fact I was still hard probably meant the first one outweighed the second. He eased them out, slamming the rubber covered fingers back deep in me.


"Feels good doesn't it?" I moaned and nodded, my eyes squeezing shut. "All whores like having their holes filled as much as possible." He pushed more of his hand inside me, wiggling it over my walls. I twitched slightly around him. "That's what you are Timmy, a whore. My whore." I felt him move his hand the rest of the way in me, right up to the wrist. Fuck, his whole hand was inside me. He circled his wrist, making me groan out louder, all his digits squirming against me. Shit. "Do you understand what that mans?" I nodded, pushing back against him slightly, not really paying attention. He stilled his hand, leaning down until his face was just behind my head. I felt his bretah in my hair. "It means I get to do what I want to you, whatever that is. If I want to fuck you, you'll get into whatever position I want so I can. If I want you to wear a cock ring you'll put it on yourself. If I want you to wear a butt plug then you'll ask what size. Am I making myself clear?"

I moaned and nodded wildly. "Yes Jared, anything you want."

"And you call me sir."

"Yes sir... please..."

He laughed softly, removing his hand from me slowly. I whined at the loss, then heard him slide the glove off. I looked between my legs, watching as he slipped it into my pants pocket. Part of me wondered why, but I was too aroused to care right now. He moved between my legs, his cock easily sliding into my wide hole. He held onto my ass with the hand that had been in me, the other back on my hip. He slammed hard, moaning out loudly. Apparently I felt good to him, despite him probably being able to fit another dick in me now. The hand on his hip ghost up my dick, the tips trailing over the heated skin. I whined, needing more then just that even as his dick hit my spot. "You feel so good around me whore. Do you want me to jack you off?"

"Yes sir please..." I pushed back against him again, squeezing as best I could around him. He wrapped his slim fingers around me, tugging on my shaft in sync with his ramming cock. "Fuck..."

I spurted thick ribbons of cum over my chest, not having realised how close I'd been to shooting my load. Jared moaned at the sight. "That's it whore, cum for me." I kept my eyes squeezed shut as I rode out my orgasm, more of the fluid splattering over my skin. I panted softly, feeling his hand move to collect my cum from my stomach, bringing it to my face. I snaked my tongue out, collecting every drop that I'd spilled. "Good whore." I barely felt his cock grow inside me before him came, moaning above me. I felt his seed though, squirming slightly at the feeling of it hitting my insides.

He pulled out of me, wiping any remants of his orgasm over my hairy cheeks. "Good boy." He petted my head, letting me collapse to the floor. "Now, for what you'll be sleeping in." I looked at him, confused as to what he meant. He pulled out three things from his bag. A roll of duct tape, a black hunting vest and a pvc tube. I looked at him, confused as to why he got them out. He tossed me the vest. "Put it on." I pulled on the clothing, shivering at the feeling of the soft padding against my skin. I pulled the zipper up, looking at him curiously awaiting more instruction. "Hands behind you." I obeyed him, watching as he came over and secured my wrists to it with a soft strap. "Open wide." As I parted the lips one end of the tube entered my mouth. He held it steady, pushing it just passed my teeth before wrapping duct tape around the end, being careful not to block my nostrils. He then grapped the other hand, pulling the clear tube down in a curve over my body. My softening cock easily slide in the other end, more tape being used to wrap around my dick. I guess I could kiss goodbye to my pubic hairs. it'd hurt like a bitch to remove that tape. Again Jared worked carefully, this time to make sure the tape didn't stick to my balls.

"There, perfect." I blinked, feeling incredibly stupid like this. Did he somehow get off on this? I couldn't help but wonder what was going through his mind. "Perhaps if you keep being good I'll invest in something else for you." He bent down and kissed my cheek, before speaking in a hushed tone. "You're not the first guy I've had in that." He smirked, knowing that the question of who would be swimming in my mind all night. "Sweet dreams." He climbed into the large bed, curling up under the sheets as he flicked the light off, leaving me in darkness.
Tags: 30 seconds to mars, fic, jared leto, jared leto/tim kelleher, slash, tim kelleher
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