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The First Of Many

The First Of Many
Pairing: Ilan Rubin/Sean Smith/Ian Watkins
POV: Sean
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None really, just smut.
Notes: I've wanted to do an Ilan fic since I first heard The New Regime's stuff, but I had no ideas until I got the one for this today the other day. (The New Regime is Ilan's super awesome side project.) I may do a kinkier sequel.
Mikey's posted the other fic we did together here I probably won't post it here, so go read!
Dedications: bloodyhands antontobias86 and whoever else reads.

We sat in Ian's hotel room, just me, Ian and his new dummer Ilan. Our bands were spending the day off outside the hotel, shopping, shagging or spending time with loved ones. Me, I was content spending time with these two. We were here not just because we were lazy and nervous about fangirls screaming after us, but also because of Ilan. He was younger then the rest of us, just 18, and was further away from home then we were too. Ian seemed very protective of him and I wasn't shy if I'd ever heard the shy boy speak before today. That was why I'd stayed too, I wanted to learn more about him. So far I'd found out he knew far more then just drums, including piano and guitar. I'd also found out he'd been playing drums since he was 8 and, while mostly self-taught, he'd had lessons from Travis Barker.

I decided to change tac for a second, instead choosing to ask Ian something. "So, Ian, what's the deal with you and Matt Tuck?" I always wondered what was wrong with those two.

Ian sighed, laying back on his bed, staring at the ceiling. He sighed softly before responding, closing his eyes. "I gave him head." I blinked slightly in confusion, not understanding why that would be a problem. "He forced me into it when he was drunk at some awards thing. I'm not sure he even remembers it."

"Ahh." I petted his belly gently, looking up at him. That made more sense. "How big is he?" I couldn't help myself ask, despite knowing it was probably tactless.

"He's not that big, really. He's smaller then you." I smirked and noddded, feeling my cock twitch. We'd fooled around a lot, especially while on tour. He taught me everything I needed to know in that time so now I was extremely experienced.

It was then I noticed how wide Ilan's eyes were. "You too... have seen each other naked?" His voice was soft, shaky and generally nervous sounding.

"Yeah, sure, and we're done more then just see." Ian shot me a mock-glare for revealling such information, but I just smiled back. We were all friend's here after all.

"You mean you've..."

"Sucked each other off? Had sex? Yep to both." I looked at him curiously, noting how his eyes widened a little more at that. Was he the only person in the world that hadn't figured out there was something between us? No, it seemed to be a little deeper then just that, his small body squirming slightly. Was he jealous? Turned on? No... well, maybe, but neither were the main thing. And then it hit me, it was so obvious. "Ilan, are you a virgin?"

"I... err..." He stuttered, his cheeks flushing bright red a sure sign I was right. I didn't understand how such a pretty boy could be a virgin though. Perhaps he'd spent so much time working on music that he'd not had time for it. "So what if I am?" He finally managed to break through his nervous stutters, forming a proper reply.

I headed over to him slowly, reaching up to stroke the soft skin of his cheek. "Because maybe we can change all that." He looked me in the eyes, blinking in disbelief. I smiled, reaching up with my other hand to stroke his clothed chest. "Would you like that?" He opened his lips to respond, but no words came out as he clearly had no idea what to say. I took advantage of his indecision, leaning in close and planting my lips on his. At first he didn't react, but as I wrapped the hand on his chest around his waist he started to return the kiss albeit shyly. From the corner of my eye I could see Ian was watching, sititing up on the bed. I slipped my tongue from between my lips, swiping it over his. I wiggled it inside his mouth, tasting him curiously, his own tongue press against mine. Ian stood up and came towards us, arriving just as I pulled back.

He looked at the younger boy, kissing his cheek lightly. "You want this?" Ilan's eyes flicked to Ian and he nodded slowly. "Alright." Ian reached down and pulled his t-shirt up and off his body, exposing his tattooed skin. I moved back slightly, doing the same to my tee. I grinned as the younger boy, looked between us, not knowing who to look at more. It was adorable to watch him gaze over our bare bodies with a curiousity that again told of his inexperience. Ian kissed him lightly on the lips and I looped my arrms around the older male's waist, undoing his fly. I kissed Ian's neck lightly, pushing the denim material down his legs. Once at his thighs, I released them, letting the jeans fall the rest of the way to the floor. His boxer's went next, joining them around his ankles. Ilan pulled away and I knew why, I could see his wide eyes drawn to Ian's cock. I remembered reacting in a similar fashion upon seeing it. I imagined it was a bit more intense for him, since Ian would be the first cock he'd seen up close. I quickly reached down to undress so that he could see mine as well. "What do you think?"

"It's... different to mine." I heard Ilan gulp in the pause he made, smiling as I pushed my underwear down.

"Of course it is." Ian smiled, running a hand through the boy's curls as he chuckled softly. "Everyone's is different Ilan." Ian moved to stand beside my naked body, gesturing from his long cock to my shorter, slightly thicker one. "See? Now show us yours."

He stared at us both dumbly, looking between our erect cocks. For a moment I thought I'd have to wave my hand in front of his face or click my fingers, but he started to move. Unlike us, he was wearing a shirt and his fingers nimbly undid the series of buttons that held it closed. As soon as they were all unfastened, he shrugged them off his shoulders. I licked my lips at the sight of his slim body, his hands shakily moving to his crotch. Ian reached for my belly, stroking it ever so lightly, in hopes that it would soothe him. I smiled and moved in front of him, feeling his hardness press against my ass as he kissed at my neck. Ilan stared at us with wide eyes again, licking his lips. His hands were suddenly more steady, quickly undoing his fly and pushing his own jeans down his thighs along with his boxers. Such an eager little virgin. Ian's hands wrapped around me, stroking over my belly again. He seemed to love it, even though I thought I was a bit of a fatty. I gazed at Ilan's cock, taking it in. It looked like it was thicker then mine and a little longer. "It's it pretty Ian?"

"Mmmm." He moaned softly, biting where my neck met my shoulder. "Looks delicious."

"Mmm that it does." Ilan blushed again from our words and I reached forward to stroke his thighs. "Now Ilan, our sweet little virgin, what do you want first?" He squirmed under my touch, spreading his legs wide. I wasn't sure he had an answer for us. "Perhaps I should give you some options?" He nodded slightly, my fingers moving to stroke his full balls. I cupped them in one hand, my other stroking his dick slowly. Ian's cock pressed between my cheeks, the tip rubbing against my cleft. "Well, there's blow job's, rimming, 69ing... or just plain fucking."

"What about..." Ian whispered softly and I shook my head before more words could leave his lips.

"He's a virgin Ian! We can cover the kinkier stuff later." There was plenty of time for that the rest of the tour, if he was interested that is.

"What... what's rimming?" He blinked, looking generally confused, just as I had been when Ian suggested it to me. We were all naive once.

"How about I show you?" I licked my lips, mirroring what Ian had said in response to my question. I felt him smirk against my skin at my words. He nodded shyly again and I pulled away from Ian, moving to the younger boy. i planted another light kiss on his lips, before giving him the same instruction I'd recieved. "Get on the bed, face down."

He stood up, moving past me to the soft matress, laying on it to display his perfect, round ass for us. "What do I am to do?" He spoke, nervousness returning in his voice.

"Just spread your legs." Ian told him for me. "And enjoy." Ilan nodded and Ian sat beside him at the top of the bed, running a hand through the curls of his hair.

He did as he asked, allowing me to climb on the bed between his legs. I reached down, taking each of his cheeks in hand, parting them slightly to reveal his crack. His opening was a tiny, twitching pucker, that looked so beautiful. "This is rimming Ilan." I spoke in a soft voice, then bent down, extending my tongue along the boy's cleft. I heard him gasp softly above me. I smiled, ppushing my tongue past his soft ring of muscle, haaring him giglle above me. A cursory glance told me he was already gripping the sheets tight. I pushed my tongue inside him, feeling him squeeze around me as I lapped at his insides. He groaned as my tongue probed deeper, exploring his inner walls. I kept holding his cheeks open, pulling back after a few seconds to gasp for air. See, that was the problem with rimming, if you stayed there too long it could become hard to breath. He pushed his ass back slightly, clearly wanting more. I kissed his left cheek, moving the hand that was there to where my head had been, easing my middle finger inside him. He hissed slightly above us and I looked up just as Ian kissed him, his hands still in his hair.

I bent down, flicking my tongue over the sensitive area behind his balls as I buried my finger inside him. I parted my lips, taking his large, soft sac beteen them, trailing my tongue over the skin as I wiggled the digit within him. He groaned loudly above me, Ian's lips clearly not enough to hold them back. I kept lapping as his wrinkled skin, twisting my finger inside him. I was certain it was hurting him a little, know we were making sure to give him enough pleasure to cover it up. I slowly eased the finger out, pressing my next finger alongside it. I could hear another hiss, but rolled his balls with my tongue to take his mind off it. Gently, I scissored him, opening him up for whoever it was that took his virginity.

"Who do you want inside you Ilan?" I heard Ian ask him, watching as his fingers stroked the boy's chest.

At first, all he recieved in response was a low groan of pleasure. I stilled my movements so he could reply and after a few seconds, he was able to offer one. "I want you in me Ian." Part of me was disappointed by that, but I guessed he trusted Ian a little more then me. After all, we didn't know each other that well. I heard Ian kiss him ligtly, but Ilan spoke up again before the kiss became to deep. "But I want to fuck Sean while I do." I blinked, letting his balls drop from my mouth, his head twisted slightly to look at my, a grin on his lips. "I may as well loose my virginity both ways in one go." I chuckled, twisting my fingers one last time before pulling back, slipping my fingers out of him.

"Well, let's get to it then." I moved onto the bed beside Ilan, thrusting the fingers that had been inside him easily into my opening. He looked at me, amazement clear in his eyes at how they entered me like that. I just offered him a smile, twisting the and scissoring them as I did in him. "With regular fucking, you'll be like me too." I removed them from mysef after a few moments, bringing my fingers to my lips to suckle clean. "I'm ready for you."

Ilan nodded, mounting me and aiming his cock for my hole. Later I knew me and Ian would be both between his legs, fighting with our tongues over who got to give him head. That was for later though. I wrapped my legs around his waist, feeling that Ian was just behind him, ready to thrust when he did. I looked at Ilan, his hands holding onto my hips lightly. He smiled down at me and I nodded to him, reaching to pull him down for a kiss, holding his soft locks. His cock eased inside me, his shyness showing again. Before I could tell him it was ok to go faster, Ian had slammed deep within him, causing Ilan's thickness to thrust into me. He grunted against my lips, but I held him in place to stop any sound from escaping. I rolled my hips against him, squeezing slightly around him, feeling him groan. Ian eased out of Ilan, which caused the boy to do the same to me. Ian set the pace, each thrust he made in Ilan buried him back in me.

I wiggled my toes against his belly, urging him to increase his speed. He sped up, causing Ilan to pull back from me, his head tipping back beautifully. I kissed his neck, squeezing around him as he took my cock in hand, tugging on my length unsteadily. He'd let go of it sooner or later, I knew from experience that being in the middle of a fuck sandwich meant you lost the ability to concentrate quickly. "Fuck you both... fuck... so good... harder... faster... fuck..." I chuckled at Ilan's words, squeezing hard as Ian oblidged him, fucking him with the wild abandon he did me. "Oh gods... wow..." He released my length and I kissed his neck, taking over with my own hand. He looked so beautiful like that, sweat covering his body and his eyes lidded. Ian's brutal fucking meant that Ilan's cock moved the same, slamming repeatedly against my spot despite it not even being aimed for it. I felt him spill deep inside me in thick spurts after just a few more moments, smiling at him. Virgins always came pretty fast.

I looked at Ian, knowing from the sounds he was making that he was close too, Ilan's hole tightening around him no doubt bring that about. I took one of Ilan's trembling hands in my free one, placing it on my balls. "When I cum, you'll lick it from my chest yeah?" He nodded, panting heavily and managing to stroke my sac lightly. As Ian moaned Ilan's name I knew he'd climaxed inside the boy, the sounds enough to bring me off as well. Well, i was also mentally picturing his cock sliding in and out of Ilan's tight ass too. I covered his chest as well as mine, which I should have expected really due to our closeness.

When Ian pulled out of him after riding out his orgasm, Ilan bent down and swiped his tongue over the small globs of my seed, lapping each one deftly in one go. I smiled, panting as Ian curled upp beside me, Ilan eventually moving to occupy my opposite side. "Thank you, both of you. That was... incredible."

"It's ok Ilan." Ian leaned over me and kissed him lightly, stroking his sweaty chest. "But this is just the first of many lessons." I nodded in agreement, catching Ilan's lips in my own once Ian released them. It wasn't long before we were all curled up, drifting off to sleep and thinking of what all those other lessons would be. I was glad I'd decided to spend the time with them.
Tags: fic, ian watkins/ilan rubin/sean smith, lostprophets, slash, the blackout, the new regime
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