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Do you have a plan that doesn't involve all of us dying?

Cause I forgot to do it:
From the mcr_fridayfive
1. Frank just got married, congratulations Frank. The photos were leaked onto the internet. Do you think that was an invasion of privacy? What do you think about those pictures being used for macros? Or do you think people are making a big deal out of nothing?
I'm indifferent to it. Photos would've got out one way or another right? I think that's stupid though.

2. Are you going to the upcoming tour? Are you making banners or taking anything special to give to the boys?
I'm not American so no... guys when are you actually going to take that break of yours?

3. Gerard is looking more like Michael Jackson everyday, discuss.
Darla said it best I think so...

4. You win a competition to meet one of the boys and you can ask them one question on anything and get an honest answer. What would you ask?
I'd ask either Bob or Mikey a question. If Bob it'd be: do you really love Gerard? If Mikey: Have you and Gerard fooled around?

5. What's your most listened to MCR track? Or favourite if you don't know.
According to last.fm it's The Ghost Of You, which sounds about right.

It's the day after zombie Jesus day. I had 3 eggs and a small one. I don't know how zombie jesus got associated with eggs and bunny's. Does anyone?

Speaking of bunny's, Mikey's awesome. I just thought I'd say that, cause I can.

I finally have an idea for the Ilan fic, so I'm going with it.

Cause I'm bored, if anyone wants to ask me for a top 5 of anything you can (films, pairings, colours... anything that comes to mind).
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