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Beauty Destroyed

Beauty Destroyed
Pairing: Dan Torelli/Nathan Leone
POV: Dan
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Gore, death, cannibalism
Notes: I realised recently that I've not done a proper gore fic in awhile. I've missed doing it and this idea came to mind, so I had to. This was half done on notepad, half on comp. The end might seem abrupt but that was intentional, believe me.
Dedications: bloodyhands, antontobias86 and fastbetty31

I gazed down at the body that lay before me, naked and tied to my bed. I'd met him in a bar a few hours ago and decided that his was a beauty that need destroying. He had blonde hair, blue eyes and wore a t-shirt that was too small, showing off his belly at the slightest movement. After awhile just watching him he went to the bar, where I came to him and bought him a drink, which led to us talking. I'd learned his name was Nathan, he was a few years older then me but he didn't look it and he had a twin brother. I made a mental note to somehow get him too, maybe before his sibling's corpse rotted. I'd be too impatient to keep him alive beyond tonight and I didn't want his beauty to live on in the form of his twin.

Nathan wouldn't be my first victim, nor would he be my last. In fact, he'd be my twelth.I knew how many I'd killed since I kept their heads, mountng them on the wall as trophies. All of them had one thing in common: they were all pretty boys. When I made my first kill it was because his beauty sickened me and it just... went on from there. They'd all bought it upon themselves. I'd often fantasised about finding a like-mind to kill with me, but I knew looking would be too risky. That, and most killers wouldn't share my mission. Dreaming would have to satisfy me for now.

I kept my eyes on Nathan, watching him intently for any signs of him waking. Once we'd gotten home I'd given him a drink laced with drugs to knock him out. I'd worked quickly once they'd taken effect, stripping him naked and dragging him through my home, hauling him onto the bed and restraining him in place with rope at his wrists and ankles. Now it was only a matter of minutes before he woke. Once he did, he'd probably do the same as all the others. First, he'd beg to be released, then for me not to hurt or fuck him. After doing both, he'd then plea for his life. They'd bargain with me, hoping the money, sex or possessions would help avoid their fate. Some of them offered to get other guy's to take their place. They didn't seem to understand that once they were here, their fate was sealed. There was no way to change my mind once it was made up, no matter what they offered me. Sometimes I'd humor them though, looking at the guy's they offered on their cells, though most weren't as attractive as they were.

My stomach growled slightly and I stroked my fingers over the soft, bare skin. Soon I'd eat fresh meat. I had some in the fridge from my last kill, though I knew if I had that I'd lose my appertite to devour Nathan. I wanted to see the look of horror on his face as I tore through his flesh.

He groaned out softly, stiring slightly as he awoke from his drug-induced slumber. I kept my eyes on him, licking my lips. "Hmmm... huh?" His eyes instantly went wide and I smirked. "Why am I tied up?" His head twisted this way and that, his arms and legs tugging at the restraints. His eyes fell on me and he stopped struggling. "Dan? What's going on?"

"Hello Nathan." I stood from my leather chair, slowly stepping closer to him so he could see me better, the faint candle light illuminating my naked body. I slipped a cigarette between my lips from a packet beside on of the candles, using the flame to light it up. I blew out a cloud of smoke from my lips before speaking again, knowing his eyes would be taking in the sight of my body. "You're tied up like that because that's how I want you."

He gulped before spaking and I blew out more smoke from between my lips, watching it hang in the air before dissipating. "You should have said you were into this kinky shit earlier. You know, like before we left the bar or something." He squirmed slightly, though there wasn't any real anger, fear or annoyance in his voice.

"Oh, it's a bit more then that Nathan." I pulled the cigarette from between my lips, licking them as I nodded to the top of a chest of drawers, which had a pair of candles shining light on my tools on the surface below them. By tools I meant the knives, sex toys, gougers, skewers and the like which I used on my victims. Instantly his body trembled, his eyes widening with fear and realisation. He now knew he wasn't going to make it out of here alive. I smirked again, taking another drag. His whole body froze. I'd guessed he was a struggler, but it looked like I was wrong. It wasn'tthe first time that had happened though, so it didn't worry me. Sometimes it took awhile to sink in too.

"You're going to kill me, aren't you?" I nodded slightly, taking another drag. "Please don't, I can give you whatever you want, money, my car, my house, my ass..."

"No, you don't seem to understand. I want your life." I growled, gazing at him darkly. "That is what I want and I will have it." I took a step closer, putting out my cigarette on his thigh, hearing him cry out as the tip burned him slightly. Satisfied it was extinguished, I flicked it away, not caring where it landed. "Though I will have your ass." I stroked my hips, my shiny, throbbing erection extremely obvious. I ran my fingers along the shaft, purring softly at the contact. Again, he trembled, his bright blue eyes on my length. I'm sure his mind was racing with ways to please me, in a vain hope that by satisfying me he'd be offered mercy. Previous victims of mine had thought that way, their asses squeezing my cock extra tight as I fucked them. Fear of death ensures the best orgasms.

I mounted the bed and aimed my dick for his cleft, my other hand forcing his cheeks apart, exposing his tight pucker. I spat at the opening, watching the saliva land on the wrinkled skin. I rammed my dry dick inside him. A beautiful, loud scream left his lips as I buried myself balls deep. I felt him tear around me as I plled out slowly, slamming back inside, his blood soaking my length. I gripped onto his slim thighs, slamming harder into his tight body. "Fuck..." It felt like he hadn't been fucked in awhile, or at least not by a cock the size of my own. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he cried out in pain, though I could see his cock start to harden. I grinned, moving a hand to his full balls. I squeezed them gently, watching as his eyes lidded as I thrust my hips. I stroked the soft skin, ramming hard into his depths. After a few more thrusts, I tugged on his balls roughly, squeezing tighter, knowing how painful it would be for him. Again he scream out loud, his hardness wilting in a heartbeat. I smirked watching as my length became coated with his thick blood. "That's it, scream for me you little cunt."

"Please... stop..." He finally found his voice, but I ignored his pathetic plea. My balls slapped against his cheeks loudly with every movement of my hips. I roughly kneaded his sac for a few moments before finally releasing them, speeding up my movements to compensate for letting go. His tight muscle clentched wildly around me, making me groan out loud in pleasure. He kept repeating the action hoping to either get me off or please me enough to spare his life. He succeeded in the first.

I growled out loudly, ramming harshly into him as I came over his torn insides. I pulled out slowly, wiping my blood and cum stained cock in his pubes. I licked my lips as I panted, gazing over his body, more blood seeping out his entrance. "You were so good Nathan, I'll enjoy fucking your corpse." He looked at me with horror in his eyes, but I ignored him, sliding off the bed. I went to the drawers, picking up a large, sharp knife. I licked my lips at the shiny metal, then returned to his bedside.

"Please don't." He begged again, eyes on the blade. "You don't have to do this."

"Yes I do. Do you know how many times I've heard a stupid pretty boy like you beg for his life? You're not the first." I gripped onto his bound left wrist. His eyes widened at my words as I bought the knife down on his middle finger, slicing through the skin and fleh. I knew exactly where to cut now so I missed the bone, going right through the joint. An ear piercing scream left his lips and I was glad that this house was a decent distance away from any neighbours. I yanked the finger away, bringing it to my face. At first I studied it intently, watching it twitch a little. It always fascinated me how body parts sometimes did that once they were severed. I shrugged slightly, opening wide and biting into the digit. His face paled as I chewed his flesh and he looked like he was going to be sick. I swallowed, looking down at him. I always choose a finger to eat first, due to ease of removal. Trouble was there was the nail and the bones so there wasn't really much flesh to eat. Still, it did for a snack. I spat the bones and nail out onto the floor. "You taste amazing Nathan. I bet the rest of you will taste better though."

He shook his head, clentching all his fingers. "You're a sick bastard!" I chuckled to myself, glad that there was some anger in the boy. I considered what I could do to him, then buried the tip of the blade into his stomach. He screamed out loud, cursing my name and wishing me dead. I'd heard it all before.

"Shut up you little slut!" I slashed his belly open, laughing as he screamed in agony, blood spilling from the fresh wound. It ran over his skin, staining it red. I could make out his stomach through the opening and the coil of his intestines. I gazed at the bloody opening, slashing upward a few inches before withdrawing the blade. I had only a few minutes to act. I made a mental list of what I was going to do to him while he was still breathing. First I lowered the dripping blade to his crotch. "I hope Matthew screams like you do." I smirked at him, hacking his genitals off before he could respond in anything but another scream. I used my free hand to pick them up, setting them on a tray the drawers, settling the blade down too.

"You're a cunt! A fucking cunt! You sick fuck!"

I chuckled, knowing that screaming insults at me was the most he could do. If I untied him, instinct would draw his hands to his wounds rather then up at me and he'd be unable to maintain his balance for more then a few steps. I returned to him with an eye-gouger, holding his left eye lid open and forcing the silver prongs around the ball. He kept calling me every name he could think of, even as I yanked the device back, ripping his eye out with it. I moved back, bending down to lick at the vacant socket, the blood from this area always tasting so much better then anywhere else. I'd fuck the hole later. I straightened back up, setting it beisde his balls and cock, then took the blade back in hand.

"Soon you will die Nathan Leone." I looked over him, stroking his open wound, then his bare chest, speading the blood over him. "Even a doctor couldn't save you now." I licked my lips, gripping his neck tightly with my fingers. "Here is what will happen then Nathan. First, I'll decapitate you, ready to mount your head in the morning. Then I'll dine on your meat, since this has all made me extremely hungry. Tomorrow I'll use your cell to lure your twin here, and I'll do the same thing to him. I try and leave enough of you to force him into fucking you." His eyes went wide, but my thumb pressing into his throat silenced any intelligent reply he might make. "You shouldn't be so beautiful." I squeezed tighter, watching as his eye rolled back into his head before releasing him. I slashed through the bonds that held him, starting with his ankles, then moving to his wrists. By the time I went through the last one, he'd breathed his last breath and his body lay there completely limp, blood oozing from his various wounds. I gazed at him making sure he was head before nodding to myself. Another kill well done.

I returned the knife to it's resting place, leaving the room to get a camera, his blood staining my body. By the end of the night, there'd be more covering my skin. I picked up the camera from the living room table, slowly making my way back to him. My whole body was buzzing with the thrill of the kill. It was better then any drug. I blinked with confusion as I stood in my bedroom door, my senses coming back to me fast.

The bed was empty.

What the fuck? He couldn't have just rolled off, he was dead, I'd made sure he wasn't breathing. I looked around the room, suddenly getting nervous. That's when I saw it, a figure staring out the window. "Nathan?" He turned to me, his intestines hanging out of his wounded belly, practically on the floor. His remaining eye was cloudly, almost glassy in appearence and his face didn't look in pain, despite his entrails hanging out. I took a step back, blink at him with disbelief. "What the fuck?"

I dropped the camera to the floor as he lunged at me, his arms outstretched an unnatural moan leaving his lips.

"What the fuck!"
Tags: dan torelli, dan torelli/nathan leone, fic, madina lake, nathan leone, slash, zombie series
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