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White Stains

White Stains
Pairing: Padge (Padge/Moose)
Rating: NC-17
POV: Padge
Challenge: 8: Bunk Socks
Notes: I didn't actually know who's POV I was writing it from so... take it as anyone.

I lay back in my bunk, jacking myself off rapidly. The black stained sock that obscured my head from view wasn't my own. The stiff material was Moose's, which I'd stolen it before slipping into my bunk. I'd bought it to my face before taking my cock in hand, inhaling his scent and licking at the dried white stains. Moose wanked more then the rest of us combined and it showed. I closed my eyes as I increased the pace of my hand, wanting to shoot my load into his material so when he next got off, he'd have a small piece of me near his dick. In my mind I was touching him, getting him off instead of me. I groaned out softly, bucking up and spurting hard into the sock.

I panted heavily, letting go of my dick and the sock. Later, I'd return it under his pillow.
Tags: bfmv100, bullet for my valentine, fic, moose, moose/padge, padge, slash
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