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And the weather never gave a damn about me

I hate today. Mikey's gone and as soon as I get back through the door mum's having a go. She never let's things go.

I'm gonna some everything up in list form now, cause I'm like that.

Good things:
*I finished both Seperate Ways (last night) and Assignment Ada (this morning) on Resident Evil 4, so now I've done everything (unless I redo the whole game on harder difficulties which I don't want now). Mikey was my good luck charm
*Mighty Boosh night was < 3 though there shoulda been more Saboo (and my mind pictures Naboo/Vince now)
*Mikey's dad bought me an easter egg, he's so sweet
*Me and Mikey did another fic, though it was mostly Mikey
*I wrote a bit more last night
*I had a pervy dream too
*Doctor Who trailers spoiling Daleks being back
*2 weeks until series 4 of Doctor Who
*Mikey doing fic for me's

Bad things:
*Mikey's gone
*Johnny's still not announced for the TNA game (he's what'll make me get it or not)
*I need to get Rock Sound for Panic! and the old Lostprophets poster (Lee looks guh)
*Block struck
*My pen died
*2 weeks until the Torchwood finale
*Mikey's gone
*No release date for Smash Bros Brawl here
*My DS is AWOL
*My Mama icon won't work right
*That I had no ides for last weeks bfmv100 even though it should be easy
*Cobra Starship switching GIAN days. WAH!

I should go soon. My mussels are cooking. I've never had them before so let's see if I like them.

I'll be online then, so I'll pester people. This is your chance to run and hide.

I'll type up what I've writing of the Nathan/Dan and Sean/Gavin. I'll also start that Ilan fic today (causa the idea I had). One'll be done tonight. I unno which.

What's Pas De Cheval mean anyway?

I'm off now.
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