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A useless gesture

I (inadvertently) ended up not posting yesterday. I'm not part of the strike, because I don't believe it would actually change anything (and if LJ are in the middle of making changes, it would be blamed on the strike, which might not be true). I know there are those who'll disagree with me but... well, what did you expect to achieve really?

Anyway, I digress.

The fic me and Mikey did got posted before the strike. Though it was probably missed.

We went to the new home yesterday and it is so much better then the old one (despite getting lost on the way out). The floor's carpeted, the room seems bigger and brighter, the bed's nicer and the food's so much better. She seems so much happier there, she even talked which is the first time I've heard her do it in awhile. I'm so glad she's there.

Once home I started on that Mama icon I was meant to do. It's about half ready now. I wish I had more caps of the end of Episode III. So far it's mostly prequel heavy for some reason.

I got all the characters on Mercenaries on Resident Evil 4 now. Huzzah! I'm now on Chapter 3 of Seperate Ways too.

I've switched from the Gavin/Sean fic (which I've got stuck on) to a Dan/Nathan one (which I got an idea for while we were out). When Mikey's gone I'll do the Ilan one as I've ideas sorta. The current idea's a threeway.

Speaking of fic (and I know I've got more chance waking up to find Jay and the twins in bed with me but still...) could someone do me an Omar from Fightstar fic for me? I don't really mind who with, just as long as it's hot.

I watched Torchwood with mum and there was no big reaction over the buttsex. Damnit. She smiled though. The following ep:
*Makes me believe everyone that joins Torchwood has to be/become sexually ambigious
*Made me want to hug Tosh
*Jack was adamant not to hire Ianto... until he had him on top of him
*Curses them using Alzeimer's every series

The next ep (with Captain John and Jack chained up) isn't on for two fucking weeks. I can't wait that long, I'm not a patient person. Damnit.

Mighty Boosh night tonight, yay!!

Anyway, back to bed for me cause I'm cold... and I'll write at some point.
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