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They have hospital ships in wars

Rats creep me the fuck out.

Kerrang yesterday's eh, but Matthew and Dan look hot. I'm starting a Dan fic later cause I've an idea for it.

Me and Mikey's first fic is finished now, I'm typing it up after this post (Mikey's already made a start).

Apparently yesterday opened the door to the past. We went to Wryley and I saw my ex (the one nice one out of the bunch). I don't think she noticed me though.

I finished Resident Evil 4 yesterday too. Yay me! I'm gonna start Seperate Ways later. I went on Mercenaries and got Ada though. I love her dress.

I can't stop squeeing over Torchwood. Gods, that was just... guh. Best scene ever. We're watching it with mum tomorrow to see her reaction. Should be fun.

Series two is so much better then one. Yes, I thought that ebfore last night but... apart from From Out Of The Rain, it's awesome.

I got more Doctor Who cards today. I finally got the Host cards, both in the same pack. Damnit. Also got two figs: Gelth Zombie and Doctor in Spacesuit. I don't like the Sycorax leader has nothing. I also got the mini spaceship of Jack's, cause it's the first time I've seen it.

Today machines hate me, due to the Woolworths till hating me and the Iceland one doing the same. bah.

Why doesn't my Rock Sound have the promised poster of Spencer loveliness?


I started the Gavin/Sean fic last night. I have just over a notepad page so far, I'll get back to it later.

I mini picspam ahoyness! Mostly found by Mikey. Mikey also capped the Bullet vid so yay!

What? I'm not obsessed... honest O:)

Pretty Madina Lake boy's.

Ilan! Perdy swooshyness

Look at the perdy little drummer.

Speaking of pretty drummers... mmmm sweaty Omar

Look at his sexy arms

Onto Bullet now

Pretty Matt

Topless Matt is thoughtful

Topless Matt has just came is sexful

Topless Matt is perving on topless Padge

Jay is thoughtful

Stretchy Jay< 3

Topless Jay!
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