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Pairing: Benji Madden/Joel Madden/Billy Martin/Paul Thomas
POV: Benji
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM
Dedications: fastbetty31, bloodyhands, antontobias86 and loser_n_proud7 for requesting.

I gazed down at my twin, his hungry eyes on my pierced cock. Little whore. "You want it?" He nodded wildly at my question, licking his lips, his own erection bobbing between his legs. I smirked to myself at the sight. Although we were twins, our crotches differed greatly. Apart from the ring through my cock head, I was also noticeably longer and thicker then he was, with my balls being heavier too. When we were younger people had great difficulty telling us apart but now, there were differences. I was slightly larger then he, with a fuller face as well as a rounder body. The tattoos that marked us were mostly different too and I had serveral facial piercings where he had none. "I don't think I'll give it you." His face fell at my words, desperation clear in his eyes. he opened and closed his mouth repeatedly, as if to protest, but no words came out. I chuckled softly, then turned away from him.

My eyes were on my other two pet's now, who were curled against each other. First there was Billy, a slim, tattooed and pierced boy with pale skin. Deep red eye shadow surrounded his eyes as he returned my gaze. Shoulder length black hair framed his face. Out of the three of them he was the one most would consider to be beautiful, though I was never sure if he fully realised it or not. His lithe body was pressed up against my other boy. He was Paul and completely different to Billy. He had a large, round belly, more so then my own and few tattoos adorned his skin. Most people wouldn't even give him a second glance due to his size, something I thought was really unfair. He was really quite aamazing and hewas extremely skilled with his ass and mouth. He was a natural. Dark brown hair hung over his face, almost the same length as Billy's. He had an arm around Billy's slim waist, holding him loosely to his chest. I smiled to myself at their closeness, knowing they enjoyed each other's company. Perhaps, if they weren't mine, they might have developed feelings for each other.

Perhaps they had now.

"Come here you two."Both of them rolled onto their stomachs, then got on all fours and crawled towards me. Each of them had a collar buckled tightly around their necks, with an engraved silver tag marking them as my own. They moved towards me until both were between my spread legs, then their heads tilted up to look at me, awaiting instructions. They were more obedient then my twin. I smirked at him before speaking softly to them. "You, suck me." Paul nodded, parting his lips to take my shaft down his throat. "Lick my balls pretty." Billy smiled, resting his head on my thick thigh before extending his tongue over my soft, wrinkled skin. They both started working in tandem, Paul bobbing his head up and down while Billy coated my skin with his saliva. Joel watched us, jealousy clear in his brown eyes, his cock still clearly aching with arousal. I moaned softly, bucking up against Paul's lips. His tongue wiggled against my heated flesh, lapping at my skin. "If you want something to do, brother, then eat his ass out." I placed a hand on Paul's shoulder to indicate I meant him.

He came closer to us, gripping Paul's large cheeks with each hands and pulled them wide apart. I watched as intently as I could as he buried his face between them, extending his tongue and lapping along Paul's cleft. He wasn't very good at it, but he was good enough. He pushed his tongue inside Paul's ring, making him moan around me, seding vibrations through my body. Billy parted his lips as Paul had done, only he instead took my balls between them instead, rolling the soft sac with his tongue. "Fuck..." The three of them were all skilled at making me orgasm with their mouth's alone, though Billy was best. Joel wasn't as good as him or Paul. Paul twirled his pierced tongue around me, groaning as Joel pushed himself deeper inside him. I bit my lip, hating that I was already close to shooting. That was the problem with having three beautiful boys to serve me, I never lasted long. Even if I used all my strength to hold back I knew that between Paul's contracting throat and Billy's hot mouth it was pointless trying. I gripped onto their hair with each hand, purring out loud as they worked me. Billy continued to roll my balls with his tongue, moving faster each time, while Paul squeezed his lips tight around me as he moved up and down, taking me all the way to the base. I groaned out loud, holding tight onto them both as I spilled down his throat and over his tongue. "Share it." I panted softly, watching them both retreat from mt crotch, kissing each other hungrily to share my thick cum.

Joel moved back from Paul's ass, clearly jealous that he'd not gotten to taste me. Billy and Paul kept kissing for a few minutes, flicking their tongue's in each other's mouths a little more then necessary before pulling back from each other. "You two fuck for me." They both nodded and moved away from me kissiing each other lighty again. I was curious to see which of them would top. Once they moved back to the middle of the room, I turned my attention to my twin. "Over my lap." I petted my knee as he spoke and he approached slowly, climbing up onto the chair, resting over me with his ass in the air, his cock rubbing against my leg. I raised my arm up high, bringing it down hard on his cheeks, making him yelp out loud in pain, though his hardness told me he loved it.

In front of us, Billy had his long, thin dick buried balls deep in Paul's ass. I licked my lips at the sight, having expected it to be the other way around, with Paul's thick cock deep inside Billy's pale cheeks. This was just as hot though, if not hotter. I brought my hand down on my brother again, harder this time as his skin flushed red. He made a louder groan of pain, pressing his hard-on against me. I kept spanking him in time to Billy's thrusts, alternating between cheeks. I licked my pierced lips again, feeling my wet cock start to twitch to life. "You're going to be good now aren't you bitch? No looking at us like that again." I still slapped him as I spoke, still letting the sound of Billy's hips slapping against Paul's cheeks set my pace. "You'll learn your place and that my dick isn't yours to suck unless I allow it." He nodded, tears staining his face, his ass cheeks bright red from the repeated impacts. I made sure that each hit would hurt and the fact his skin was sore made the pain more intense. I made the last hit as Billy's ass twitched, a moan leaving his lips as he came in Paul. I stroked Joel's sore as, knowing that Paul's dick would still be throbbing and dripping below him. It took more then that to make him spill his load. Billy fell to his knees, replacing his cock with his tongue instantly, eating out what he'd shot without being told. He knew I would've said to do it anyway.

"Get on your hands and knees beside them." Joel whimpered softly, but nodded and did as I asked off him. I stood from my chair, picking up a gag from the table beside me. It wasn't so much a gag as an old bandana that was wrapped up tightly I forced it between his lips, tying it tight behind his head, hearing him whimper behind it but I ignored him. I moved between his legs, lining my cock up for his dry opening before ramming deep into him. He screamed behind the gag as I slammed deep inside his heat, my balls slapping against his sore, fleshy cheeks. I kept one eye on Billy as he licked Paul deep, scooping out everything within him. I smiled, digging the fingers of my left hand into Joel's ass, while my right snaked around him and pulled on his stretched nipples. I heard him make noises from behind the gag, though I wasn't sure if it was from pleasure or pain. Probably both. I was sure he only misbehaved due to the punishment.

I thrust deep within him, licking at my lips as he squeezed around me. Billy was now under Paul sucking his thick member down his throat, squeezing his lips tight. I smiled to myself at their actions, increasing the pace of my thrusts. I groaned low in my throat, slamming deep within him. He squeezed tighter around my arching dick bringing me closer to the edge. I growled loudly, spurting deep inside him, his clenching ehat too much for my wet, sensative cock. I moved falling back into my chair. Joel hadn't came, but that was my intention. He had to earn his orgasms.

Paul, on the other hand, was shooting thick, hot spurts down Billy's talented throat. Paul collapsed beside beside Billy, curling up around his thin frame again, kissing his neck lightly and whispering a mumbled thanks. Later I'd have to cock ring them all and reattach the nipple and ball weights. Later though, once I came down from my second orgasm.
Tags: benji madden, billy martin, fic, good charlotte, joel madden, paul thomas, slash
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