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Into a place where thoughts can bloom

It's half 8 in the morning and I feel... eh.

I was meant to do this post last night (along with typing up the fic I did yesterday) but I fell asleep. I think I'll only go in the afternoon today. As I said before this course seemed like it would be useful... but it hasn't been. Knowing my luck though, I probably missed the placement officer these two days, though it's unlikely since he could've come in all last week but didn't. Sigh.

Anyway, I'm rambling and doing it about thing's this post wasn't meant to be about.

A late yay for topless Tony in Skins.

The gas man did come yesterday and his name was Paul Thomas. That creeped me out since I was writing about GC's Paul who has exactly the same name. Eeep. Anyway, all's fixed now.

Like I said, I did finish the fic, but bits will be changed aas it's typed.

I was on Resident Evil 4 and I'm now at Krauser. GAH! He's evil. 3 minutes isn't long enough.

I downloaded Panic!'s leaked album. I've only listened to it once all the way through so far. My thoughts? I'm scared Ryan sing's so much and one song sound like they're hillbilly's. So far I lik it but I'll have to listen to it a few more times to be sure.

Now onto the main thing I wanted to post, which is an updated fic to-do list.

First off there's the remaining five of the ten (I liked doing this and might do it again in the future). These are:
*Gavin Butler/Sean Smith (Necro)
*Ian Watkins/Jepha Howard
*Patrick Stump/Jepha Howard (BDSM)
*Matt Bellamy/John Balicanta (Vampires)
*wiL Francis/Bert Mccracken

So far, I haven't thought too much on those (since I've had clearer ideas for the others) but I'll have a think.

Multi-part fics to finish:
*5 Dreams [I hate leaving it unfinished]
*Kerrang Tour 22008 (Dan Torelli/Matthew Leone, Dan Haigh/Alex Westaway, Nathan Leone/Matthew Leone/Omar Abidi)
*Kidnapped By The Hillfolk [Second part]
*Plaything (Charlie Simpson/Johnny Devine, Sean Smith/Patrick Stump, Matt Tuck/Robb Flynn, Jay James/Ray Toro)

Standalones to finish:
*Bob Bryar/Mikey Way/Ray Toro [Sub!Ray]
*Bob Bryar/Sawa [Het, started ages ago but I stalled and I've done so much I want it done]
*Mikey Way/girl!Mikey Way [Het, same thing really...]

Other, random standalones:
*Prototype [Jay James/Moose]
*Wake The Dead [Nother zombie fic, pairing undecided]
*Bert Mcracken/Billy Martin/Paul Thomas
*Bert Mccracken/Pete Wentz
*Bredon Urie/undecided
*Gareth Lawerence/Sean Smith [cucumber]
*Ian Watkins/Sean Smith/Others of Blackout? [Ian's idea for the video...]
*Ilan Rubin/undecided (possibly Ian Watkind and/or Sean Smith)
*Link/Shad (and/or Ralis)
*Mikey Way/Spencer Smith/William Beckett
*Mikey Way/Worm
*Oli Sykes/undecided
*Zacky Vengeance/undecided
*[Something based on The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies, possibly The Blackout]
*[Tentacle fic]
*[Simple Plan fic?]
*[Elliot Minor fic?]

Fic with Mikey:
*Ian Watkins/Moose/Jay James/Sean Smith [young!Jay and Sean, paedophillia]

For write_the_songs:

Beyond the Calm of the Corridor - Madina Lake
Middle of Nowhere
Addicted [Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone]
Father's Eyes
Sour Times
Killing Me
Back of My Mind
Fear of God

[Dan Torelli/Tomo Milicevic]
[Dan Torelli/Mateo Camargo]
[A whole lot of Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone]
[At least one fic with a member MCR/Cortez/Worm]
[Possibly one with Linkin Park]
[Possibly another with The Blackout/The Used]
[Perhaps another girl!fic]
[Some more Mateo fic]

Scream Aim Fire - Bullet For My Valentine
Scream Aim Fire (Jay James/Matt Tuck, Clone Wars based)
Eye of the Storm
Hearts Burst Into Fire
Waking the Demon
Deliver Us From Evil
Take it Out on Me
Say Goodnight
End of Days (Jay James/Moose, zombie fic)
Last to Know
Forever and Always
Ashes of The Innocent

[Matt Tuck/Robb Flynn]
[Matt Tuck/Moose/Padge/Jay James]
[Padge/Matt Tuck, Jay James/Padge]
[Matt Tuck/Moose/Padge/Jay James/Gerard Way]
[Matt Tuck/Charlie Simpson]
[Perhaps one with Aiden/The Used]
[Perhaps a girl!fic]
[Something with Trivium]

If anyone has opinions on the undecided one's I'd really
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