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At the bottom of a wishing well

Since my post this morning, I've not been on pretty much all day. Instead I've done the following:
*Sorting out the new Star Wars figs
*Being on Resident Evil 4
*Snuggling in bed
*Being on Final Fantasy: III
*Going to Co-Op
*Getting a massive headache (which went, but is now back)
*Having a massive fight with bitch of a mother, again
*Starting Run Fatboy Run

I've started the next request fic, which is loser_n_proud7's Benji/Joel fic (I take my dream's as a sign). I think Paul and/or Billy may be involved too though. Not sure yet. I hope that's ok.

Once that's done I think I'll probably do... maybe the Sean/Gavin one? I dunno.

I keep meaning to try Plaything but not being online and not having ideas is bad. Plus I like doing standalones for now.

I'm not gonna be involved in the strike thing cause... well, I've no strength of will.

Mikey's sorting food out now.

I hate the way things are.
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