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Automatic guns for automatic boys

So I should be out now, but there's a few reasons why I'm not:
*It's pointless, I'm meant ot be on placement in week three (this week) and I've not even seen the placement officer to discuss it
*No change for the bus
*Gas man's coming today (or tomorrow)
*Stuff coming (which just arrived as I typed this post)

It really is pointless, the most productive thing I've done there is fic, I can't even job search, so it's a bit... no point. So I'll go back tomorrow or Wednesday, when I'll have change and that.

Mikey's staying an extra week.

Saturday we did a Saw run and made lists. Also, we started fic together.

Recently I've taken to playing Final Fantasy III on the DS, after re-finding it. I've spent hours on the thing. It's so frustrating in parts, but still so cool. I've just got the Earth Fang. My team members are Mikey (red mage), Gerard (dragoon, in perdy armor), Spence (black mage) and Bob (scholar).

What's the new DS game like?

I keep having dreams with Benji Madden. The first had Paul and last night's... I can't really remember, cept he watched a gang-rape in toilet's. Why does my brain not want to tell me the people involved? Bah. If I rememebred it I could do it.

It makes me wanna read bout him. And fic him. Makes me glad one of the 10 is a Benji fic. I'll try and do the 5th one of those today.

No one has opinions on tentacles/girl!guy's? Strange.

Anyway, so today I'm gonna try write the next fic, maybe look at Playhthing and go on one of the game's (RE: 4 or FF: III). Right now though, my eyes are deaded.
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