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Good Little Piggy

Good Little Piggy
Pairing: Moose/Jay James
POV: Moose
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM, other things implied.
Dedications: fastbetty31, bloodyhands and antontobias86 for giving me the idea.

I gazed over Jay's body, licking my lips. His own tongue was flicking over the dirty boots I wore. He was such an obedient little piggy. I ran my fingers through his soft locks, smiling down at him.. Young Jay was such a pretty little boy. A black collar clung to the curve of his neck, while a special butt plug was stuffed up his arse. From the rear of the plug was a small, pink curly tail which extended out of it. He oinked softly as his tongue lapped away the dirt on the sole of my shoe.

He'd been mine for what seemed like forever. We didn't meet in some unpredictable fashion, such as meeting in a bar or just randomly plucking him from the street. No, little Jay had put an ad out online, one which had instantly attracted my attention. At first it was mostly because it was local and what he said interested me. So I sent him an e-mail, requesting more information and some pictures of him.

Within an hour he responded with all I'd asked. He told me he was in his early twenties and had had some experience with an ex. While he didn't go into too much detail, he told me his ex made him so submissive he didn't mind watching him cheat on him with another guy. Even a sub could only be a third wheel in a relationship for so long. From his pictures, I could see he was beautiful. I didn't understand why the ex would do that, he seemed like such a cunt to me.

We met a few days later and, within the week he'd given himself fully to me. It seemed like the ex had left him with such a need to be dominated that the void was too much for him to take. He was lost without a master and, as I was the first serious one he met, he jumped on the chance. I couldn't believe that I was the only real, genuine response.

Things weren't like this at first. The collar went around his neck on day one and things went slow after that. Spanking, cross-dressing, the occasional whipping, nipple twisting. Things got more intense due to natural porogression, but a month later I sat him down and asked about his fantasies. I'd expected him to tell me any number of things. Maybe he wanted to act like a baby, complete with nappies and calling me daddy. Maybe he wanted more of what we were doing now only rougher. Of course, he didn't tell me those things. He wanted things I hadn't expected.

He wanted to not only taste my piss and shit, but be covered in it. He wanted me to ride on his back around the room. He wanted to be treated like an animal, even fucked by one. He blushed as he told me each one, hoping I wouldn't laugh or mock him as his ex had when he confided those to him.

After his brave admissions, I made sure to fulfil every single one of them.

I had to ask him though, which animal he'd want to be. I knew he could've been a dog, horse, sheep or cow... I knew people did those things and more. He told me he wanted to be a pig. He made a very cute little piggy. I ran my fingers through his hair, hearing him snort happily as he kept licking at my boots. While I was home, he remained on al fours and acted like a piggy. Whenever I was out he could act like the boy he was, though I knew even that behaviour was limited now. I'd set up cameras a few times, just out of interest. He sometimes used the net, but mostly just curled up watching tv or listening to music.

"Ok piggy, that's enough." I gazed down at my now clean boots, their surface shining with his saliva. "You've done an excellent job." He beamed up at me, his pierced tongue flicking over his lips. He wiggled his ass slightly as he looked at me, which made his tail wag similar to a dog's. "I think such a good piggy deserves a reward later." His grin seemed to widen, his eyes glinting eagerly as he awaited instruction. "Move back a little piggy, so I can get on you."

He nodded, moving back and turning around so he was parallel to my chair. It was a position he was extremely familiar with as I often used his back as a foot rest or table. I stood up and took a few steps towards him, straddling his back. I sat down on his lower back, reaching up and holding on to the hoop that hung on the back of the collar. I smiled, lifting my feet up off the floor andhooking them into the stirups attached to the bondage belt around his waist. "Good piggy, start up." He nodded, starting to move around the room at a steady pace. Jay was used to carrying my weight by now. I stroked the beautiful lizard tattoo on his back as he moved, rubbing my ass slightly against him. There was something strangely relaxing about riding him around the room. There were days when I spent hours riding him like this. In the summer, I'd ride him outside. Not just in the back garden, but in secluded fields nearby too. It even nicer riding him then, listening to the birdsong and sounds various insects made. I always longed for summer.

After a few circuits around the room, I tugged gently on his collar to stop. Immediately he stilled, right in front of the chair where we'd started. "Good piggy." I climbed off him, petting his head lightly as I did so. The thought had crossed my mind awhile back to shave his head to back him look more like a pig, though I never followed through. I just adored his hair too much. I sat back in my chair, spreading my legs slightly. "Suck it." He beamed once more, instantly moving between my legs and taking my erection between his pretty lips. He took my entire length down his throat with practiced ease, making me moan as I tangled my figners in his hair. I was bigger then his ex, so he had trouble the first few times he gave me head. Now he was a pro. He smiled around me, snorting softly as he suckled my shaft. His piercing pressed against my heated flesh as his tongue wiggled. He was too fucking good at this now. He moved his mouth steadily up and down my shaft, keeping his eyes on me. His lips squeezed around me every few seconds. "Ok piggy, that's enough." He whimpered as I pushed his head back, his lips shiny with saliva. "Turn around."

His face brightened at my words and he moved around in a circle, until his ass was facing me. I reached forward, running my fingers over the pale flesh of his cheeks. Sicne we'd first met he'd put on some weight, which made both his arse and belly more swollen and beautiful. Back then it seemed that his ex hadn't even been feeding him right. The thought made me even more glad that I knew his ex had picked the wrong guy to be with and was now a broken little slave boy. I stood and moved between his legs, aiming my erection for his opening. The plug wasn't just special due to it's tail. The whole thing was shaped like a horseshoe, the innards of which where a softer rubber then the rest, designed to pleasure me. I pushed into him, moaning as I slammed myself inside him. He squealed loudly at the feeling, a sound I absolutely adored. Especially since he did it just for me. I purred as his tail rubbed against my stomach, reaching down to hold onto one of the bondage belt's hoops to keep myseelf steady. My other hand snaked around his wide waist, heading towards his crotch as I thrust in him.

He had several piercing's on that region of his body. My fingers stroked his cock which, along with his balls, occupied the center of the hoops around his front. Five barballs formed a ladder up his thick shaft, while a silver ring adorned his head. Two more small rings were through his sac, while another barbell went through the skin just behind his balls. Getting those piercings, and the barbells through his nipples, had been the last time he went outside as a boy.

I smiled to myself, rubbing my fingers over his leaking tip as I slammed into him roughly. He turned his head to watch me, his pretty brown eyes wide with pleasure. Beautiful little piggy. "Hold onto the belt." I whispered softly to him, watching him nod and comply. Each hand gripped onto the corresponding ring either side of his length. I stroked his fingers gently, then wrapped my hand around his thick dick. "Want to cum little piggy? I think you deserve it for being so good." He squealed again, bucking into my hand. I smirked, squeezing him as I tugged on his dick. I slammed deep into him, moaning as his walls squeezed. I couldn't feel him as well as I would have if the plug was absent. I had considered getting a tail somehow impanted in his skin, so the plug could be removed forever. Still, part of me deep down liked the plug and it's softness. Perhaps I would though, in the future.I closed my eyes, stroking him faster and ramming deep, his insides twitching against my underside. "Don't hold back piggy, I know you want to cum. Do it for me."

I groaned as his body trembled at my words, his cock expanding slightly as it released over his large belly. I grinned as I felt some of it coat my fingers, even louder squeals leaving his throat from his orgasm. His ass clenched even tighter, which, coupled with the sights and sounds of him, bought about my own orgasm. I moaned his name as I climaxed deep within him, coating his insides. I wiped my sticky fingers over his belly, licking my lips as I pulled out of his heat.

I flopped down on my seat, watching as he let go of the belt, turning around and licking my softening dick clean. He loved the taste of cum as much as anything else I gave him. That's why i loved him.

I patted his hair as he finished up, snaking his tongue over me until he was certain I was clean. Satisfied, he curled up at my feet, smiling up at me. Such a good piggy.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/moose, moose, slash
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