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At the bottom of a wishing well

Yeah so, yesterday when I was on RE:4 I was on it for 7 hours 17 minutes gods. I'm now on the island with the Regenerators/Iron Maidens of evil. It's an evil place I tell ye! It's awfully addictive though. I started yesterday at the begininning of the castle and now I'm at the island.

I was at the dumb course today, just for the morning. We didn't do much, so I did that whole fic I posted earlier during it. Tis about 10 pages of my notebook. So, least it wasn't 100% wasted.

Mikey got Zoo Tycoon 2 when we went to Birmingham, so we've been on that in bits.

Mikey's ended up giving me an idea for fic, which I'm working on now in the notepad. It's Moose/Jay. I'll try and do Plaything's next part ASAP.

Tomorrow I've gotta be up early cause my Star Wars stuff is coming. Six of the seven figures from Wave 8.5 should be here. Woo! Paypal's still being a bitch.

I'm so glad people are liking the femmeslash/het I've done. It's really surprised me how many people have read it to be honest. It's making me wanna do more in the future, which is good I guess. So I'll take possible requests for any girl/hermaphrodite versions of guys people would wanna read.

About fic, awhile back I did a poll and a few people voted for tentacle fic, so I have some ideas. So if people could choose for me that'd be great. (I'm also torn between doing it with a pretty boy [Mikey, Spencer, Matthew, Jay] or a strong guy [Bob, Padge, Tomo, Madina!Dan]. Cause a pretty boy's got it coming and a strong guy could show how strong the thing is... I digress though.) My early though involved Ray, but I'm not sure. This is why I need opinions.

Ok, here's the thought's I've had so far (please say if you like any please):
*Something like (or is) Morpha from Zelda (this is one I'm leaning towards sicne I was meant to do a Link/Morpha). Morpha's (for those that don't know) basically an amoeba that's massive (swimming pool size) and can create any number of tentacles to restrain/probe it's prey. The problem is though it has no eyes or even a face.
*A variation of a jellyfish/octopus/tentacled creature (similar to the one shebangsthedrum wrote about with Frankie)
*A Star Wars based creature: either Dianoga (thing in the trash compactor) or Sarlacc
*Something based on a Resident Evil creature (since a number of them have tentacles)
*An alien of sort's, that posesses others. This was my original vague idea but I got nothing from it other then it jumped from band to band infecting them.

Yeah, that turned out kinda long didn't it? Eep. Anyway, I'll get back to the one I'm doing now to hopefully post it tomorrow.

I've been told to link to Mikey's fic here even though I've not read it. I dunno why but I can't seem to read any 30 Seconds stuff at all lately so...
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