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The Strap-On

The Strap-On
Pairing: girl!Ray Toro/Gerard Way
POV: Ray
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Strap-on sex, het
Dedications: fastbetty31, mikeyface, bloodyhands and especially unknown_portal for requesting

I stared at the large shaft, completely enthralled by it. Apart from the rubber's black colour, it looked just like a real thing, with realistic-looking veins and a smooth head. It was perfect, exactly what I was looking for. I tore my eyes away from it's shiny surface, flicking them to the guy behind the counter. He had long, messy black hair and had his eyes affixed on a magazine resting on his lap. As he flicked the page over, I could make out it was gay porn, with a pair of guy's sixty nining. I couldn't see any more details as the page went out of sight. After a few moments, I cleared my throat, watching as he looked up from the pages. He gave me a quizical look, as if he'd not even noticed I'd come in and his eyes were tinged with annoyance, clearly from my voice disturbing him. "Can I help you?" His accent wasn't local, and I couldn't quite place it.

"Yeah." I nodded back to the dildo I'd been looking at. "Does that come with straps?"

"If you want." He set the magazine down on the counter as he hopped off his seat. I couldn't help but gaze at the open pages. The main image was of a large guy with short hair, standing with a guy giving him head, while another had his face buried between his cheeks. The large guy had his head tipped back in obvious pleasure. The pages looked slightly sticky. The guy looked me over, smirking as I returned his gaze. He looked at me almost as if he was calculating my measurements. When he looked me in the eyes again, he licked his lips. "Straps for you or your girlfriend?"

I blinked at him, pointing at my chest. "For me. And I'm straight."

"Sure you are." I could see him roll his eeys before he left my sight. Such a strange little guy. I wondered why he wore only a t-shirt and short pants to work. He was obviously younger then I. He returned from the back room a few minutes later, a box in one hand and a set of straps in the other. "These should do for you." He smiled as he as he spoke, setting them beside his magazine and swifty swiping it away before I could get another look. "Wanna try em on? There's a private room in the back." He had a dirty smirk on his face as he said those words.

"No thanks." I shook my head, my curls comming into my eyes at the movement. I had no desire to get naked in anyone's back room.

"Suit yourself." He shrugged slightly, clearly not minding what my answer would be. "Anything else I can help you with? Want a rubber dress or cuffs or..."

I had a feeling he'd go through his entire product list if I didn't shut him up. "No." I shook my head again, then thought for a moment."Well actually..." His ears pricked up at that, clearly from dealing with shy customers. "You have a copy of that?" I gestured to his magazine, watching as he grinned. He reached over the counter to a rack next to it, pulling out two magazines.

"Trust me, you'll want both." He winked at as he placed them beside the box. "Second one's on me." I offered him a small smile, watching as he he scanned the other items one by one, bagging them all. "That's $68.50."

I pulled out my wallet, pulling out a few notes before handing them to him. He slipped them into the cash register, handing me the change and receipt, then the plaine black bag. "Thanks."

"Enjoy." He gave me another dirty look, before turning his gaze back to the porn in front of him.


I watched Gerard as he pushed two wet fingers inside himself. He was on all fours on the floor in front of me, twisting his digits in his asshole. His fingers were shining not just from his sweat, but from my own juices since his fingers had been inside me before he started doing this, just a few minutes ago. He probably wondered why I'd ask him to do it, but he hadn't said anything. He never questioned me during sex. That, and I knew he liked watching me finger myself. He had no idea what I had planned for him. The bag was in plain sight, though he hadn't even noticed it.

Then again, male eyes rarely looked elsewhere when there was a naked woman on their bed.

Before he'd arrived I gave his little brother 40 bucks to be out tonight. I was sure he was jealous of me for some reason or something as he didn't seem to like me much. Point proven as I was only going to give him 20 at first. Once he was gone, I made sure to prepare the straps. then stripped and laid on the ebd with my legs spread for him. I flicked through the magazines before he came in though. That kid was sure right about wanting both.

He scissored his fingers slowly, turning his head to look back at me. "Eyes ahead." I growled, my voice commanding. I knew he'd obey me, he was a good boy. The sight made me so wet. I fell to my knee's behind him, licking my lips. "Hand on the floor." He groaned, removing the fingers and placing his palm on the floor before him, beside the first. His body quivered slightly in anticipation and I leaned forward, spreading his cheeks with both hands and flicking my tongue along his cleft. I was slightly nervous about this, since I'd never done anything like this to him or anyone before. Seeing those pictures made me want to do it so badly.

"Fuck Ray, what the..." I slapped his ass for speaking out of turn, then wiggled my tongue inside him. I could faintly taste myself from the remnants of my wetness his fingers had left inside him. I lapped at the familiar taste, curious as to what his ass tasted like. I couldn't smell or taste shit like I'd expected. Instead he tasted... I wasn't sure if I could even explain it to myself, but it was amazing. As I licked at his inner walls, I knew I'd have to do this again. I wasn't sure how long I managed to stay down there, but after awhile I had to pull away to breathe.

"Close your eyes." I half-panetd, half-whispered against the globes of his ass. He nodded, then I stood, heading to the back and pulling out the strap-on. I stepped inrto it, sliding it up my thick thighs and tightening them in place.A small rounded end to the toy slipped between my pussy lips as I secured it fully. I bit my lip to surpress a moan at the feeling, then stepped back to him. "Hold yourself open for me." He nodded, reaching behind hm blindly and gripped each cheek, spreading them open wide. I licked my lips at sight of his twitching, wet pucker. It looked so pretty. I aimed the shaft for the opening, slowly moving forward. The tip brushed over his entrance, an action that made his whole body shiver. I slammed my hips forward, burying it deep within him. He cried out loud, clawing at the floor. I wasn't sure if he was in pain or not. I eased out of him slowly, watching as his muscles squeezed the retreating shaft, then swallow it up as I rammed back inside him. I moaned as the movement caused the end inside me to squirm. "Do you like that?"

"Mmmm..." He nodded, mumbling incoherently as his ass pushed back against me. I wondered how a cock must feel buried withing such tightness. Perhaps I shpould get another guy in and watch intently, asking him how exactly it felt as he fucked Gerard for me. I shook such thoughts from my head, ramming roughly inside him. I snaked an arm around his waist, wrapping my fist around his dick. I stroked it rapidly as I thrust within him, smirking as I realised my fake dick was bigger then his real one. For some reason that amused me. "You liked being fucked by me Gerard? Huh? You like your ass being filled?" He moaned out loud, bucking between my thrusting hips and jacking hand.

"Ray!" He practically screamed out my name as he came over his belly, some dribbling down my fingers. I raised them to my lips, sucking each of them clean as I pulled out of him, purring at the salty tasting fluid. My other hand undid the leather straps, letting the strap-on slide down to my ankles, where I stepped out of it. I laid down on the bed, spreading my legs as I had downe earlier. Through no promptng of my own, he crawled onto the bed too, moving between my legs until he was at my crotch. I felt his hot breath over my twitching pussy. I tangled my hands in his hair, pushing his face closer to me. His tongue flicked out wiggling it's way between my lips. His hands, both covered in sweat, moved up my body groping my breasts gently. He darted his tongue inside me, lapping at my soft, dripping insides. His nose rubbed against my clit causing me to purr softly in pleasure. I tipped my head back against the pillows, rolling my hips against his face.

I moaned his name out as I convulsed on the ebd, arching up against his tongue as I ame, soaking the soft muscle. As I panted heavily, my body trembling, his tongue twirled inside my cunt, collecting everything I had to offer. Finally, after a few minutes, he withdrew, crawling up beside me. He looked so beautiful, his face dripping wet. He curled up beside me, kissing my neck.

"Thank you... that was wonderful." I grinned at his words glad he enjoyed it. That meant we'd be doing it again, hopefully soon. I kissed his forehead, purring at the thought.
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/girl!ray toro, girl!ray toro, het, my chemical romance
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