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Another not-so super year with a super guy

Two year's is a big, scary number. Eek. Part of me (ok, most) still can't quite believe we've been together that long.

So today we went to Birmingham, in the cold. I hate the cold. I also hate I'd got no money in. Bah.

Butt Mikey saved me and got everything. Yay! Got some Doctor Who cards, brand new Order 66 minis (with an AT-OT, UT-AT and Droid gunships to make.... plus a Kit's starfighter, woo!), a Wookiee Commando fig, Red Alert game and Kerrang.

The Kerrang poster of Bullet is so gorgeous. Jay just looks adorable. He has to be different.

There's TNA figures, but none of Johnny. Bah.

We had Mcdonalds and we saw Jumper. Gods, isn't Anakin Hayden hot in it? And he totally did Jamie. They shoulda kissed. Guh. Kid him's hot too. I hate that the first jumper killed is so pretty. Shoulda screwed. Yes I'm a perv.

Outta the trailer's 10,000 BC looks sorta interesting, as does The Happening.

I'm gonna build Pocketmodels and stuff now. Mikey's gonna order pizza. Then there's Torchwood, yay!

Tomorrow, I'm doing that Mama Star Wars icon and that girl!Ray fic.
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