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The Time Was Now

The Time Was Now
Pairing: Mikey Way/Ray Toro
POV: Mikey
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Piss
Dedications: fastbetty31, mikeyface, and especially for bloodyhands for requesting

I knew he was desperate, it was clear in his eyes. That, and his boner was painfully obvious. As always. I loved that I could make him squirm, then force him to wait until the last possibly moment before giving him what he wanted. He shift uncomfortably in his seat, his eyes locked on me. To the other's, I was merely absently swaying my hips but he knew it was deliberate. Deliberately for his benefit. I smirked, flicking my gaze to the wall clock. Less then half hour until show time.

The time was now.

I winked at him, nodding at the door before walking towards it, swaying my hips as I left the room. None of the other's seemed to question me when I did that. I knew they were all looking at my ass, even my brother. I stood outside, hearing Ray mumble excuses for him to follow me out. I was amazed that the others hadn't worked it out yet. Bob and Worm both knew, but that was due to them catching us on seperate occasions. Ray didn't know that it was Bob that caught us, he just knew him as a mystery guy that jacked off over the sight of him giving my head, then came in his curls. Worm had came over, pulled his legs up and fucked his tight little asshole.

When he came out the room, I led him down the corridor, making a beeline to the enarest store room. I'd taken a look round earlier just to be sure it would do. It was perfect. I opened the door and slipped inside the small room, waiting for him to follow. Of course, he did. He entered the room behind me, pushing the door shut with his foot. I slammed him hard against the wood, hearing him groan before crashing my lips on his. Most people that saw us would assume Ray was the one in control and I was the weak little one that needed a real man to control me. Bull shit. Sure, Ray was strong, but so was I and strength wasn't everything. Although we had a safe word we'd never used it. Ray loved having someone else in control of him too much and I was too happy to oblidge him. I was sure he'd gladly bend over and take ten or more cocks, human or otherwise.

I pushed my small hips against his, flicking my tongue between his large lips, our clothed erections brushing against each other. Yes, he was bigger then me but that didn't matter. Not one bit. "Tell me Toro, are you prepared for the show?" My voice was slightly breathless from the kiss, though it was steady and controlled.

"Yes sir." He said with a small nod and I pressed our lips back together.My hands moved behind him just to make sure, even though I knew I could trust his word. My left hand moved up his back.stroking and feeling for the bra strap that I knew was there. I smiled as I felt it, concentrating on my right hand which moved to his as. I flicked my tongue back between his lips, lapping at the insides of his sweet mouth as I slide my hand down the back of his pants. I purred against hm as I felt the soft lacy panties that I'd asked him to wear. My fingers felt along the material, feeling for the base of the butt plug I knew was there. I purred against him at the tohought of him in the toilets, biting his thick lip as he pushed the rubber toy inside himself. Fuck. I pushed the base of it lightly, removing my hand as he moaned against me.

"On your knees bitch." He fell down to them instantly, taking my fly between his teeth and deftly pulling it down. He'd had the practice and it showed. He kept his eyes on my crotch, my cock slapping him in the face once it was released. I never bothered with underwear anymore, it just got in the way. His lips released the metal of the zipper, taking the tip of my leaking dick instantly between them. He had such perfect cock sucking lips. I always thought that whenever he gave me head. He took a deep breath through his nose, then swallowed my entire length in one go. "Fuck..." It always amazed me how good at this he was. I gripped onto his curls as he lapped at the shaft. He had the perfect hair for this too. He bobbed his haeard up and down, purring around me. If we had more time then my pants would be around my ankles and my soft sac would but be in his mouth too. We'd been working on it for the past month during our alone time. I was proud that his mouth could now accomodate all my genitals."That's it, just like that." He kept moving his head at a steady pace, squeezing his beautiful lips every so often. "Work it bitch."

He smiled around me, moving faster along my cock, squeezing his lips more frequently. I swear he could do this for a living and earn shitloads more then he did now. His tongue flicked over my head when he moved back, then squirmed it against the underside as he deep throated me. I caressed his dark hair, bucking against his face repeatedly as moans escaped my lips. Ray knew exactly how to get me off. He could move so slowly and gently I could last an hour, just like a leisurely jack off session. Right now he was at the other end of the scale, making sure I was out of this room satisfied in mere minutes. I tipped my head back, feeling his hand stroke at the skin just under my t-shirt while the other pulled out my balls and cupped them.

"I'm gonna cum now bitch and you'd better make sure you swallow everything i give you." I knew he would without being told anyway. I felt him nod and I held his head down, my length expanding slightly in his warmth. My eyelids fluttered closed as I groaned, squirting my thick seed down his throat. I purred as I felt him swallow every drop, knowing he wouldn't let any go to waste. He was such a good boy like that.

I eased back from his lips but kept myself aimed for his lips. I petted his head lightly. "Good boy." He smiled as I released his locks and I let go with a soft sigh. My warm, golden piss landed on his beautiful face, coating his cheeks before he tipped his head down. I smiled, as the vast majority landed in his hair, sticking the dark curls together and to his head. He looked even more gorgeous like that.

"Here is what you'll do after the show." I spoke in a calm, quiet tone, pulling his head back to wipe the last few drops over his fat lips as I spoke. "First, you will find Worm and give him head. You will tell him to treat you like the dirty slut you are." I tucked myself in, zipping up as I kept myy gaze on him and his wide eyes. "He will give you a facial so I have proof." I pushed him out of my way with a booted foor, smirking at him. "Then you'll walk, with your face proudly covered in cream, to my hotel room. If anyone see's you, you are to just smile at them. When I get there, I expect you on all four's in just your bra and panties. Got that?" He nodded wordlessly, his tongue flicking out to taste me. "Good." I opened the door and left him like that.

As soon as I was out the door I knew he'd get his huge cock out, fisting it rapidly until he came, but I didn't care. I had video's on my phone if I wanted to see that.

As I walked back to the dressing room I wondered if the others would notice he smelled of piss.

Tags: fic, mikey way/ray toro, my chemical romance, slash
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