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The walls between the universes are sealed

Now, just because I will post fic in a few minutes does not make this post any less meaningful.

This is about yesterday.

For those that don't know what happened, 67 made a post about me. Now, when I said about me, I don't mean it was a few snarky comments and a link to something of mine to be ridiculed. Now, that would be far too easy. Far too 'kind'. She posted pictures of me, personal ones from my locked myspace. Not just one or two, but about 10 of them. Now that, alone is pretty bad, but then she was calling me ugly and all of her fucked up cronies agreed with her. I wonder how many of them have been called ugly before now and know how much it hurts.

Shame on anyone on her friends-list that did. Shame on those too that didn't tell her it was out of line.

And why did she do it? Because months ago I put in my add-me entry that she was childish. Oh, I wonder where I got that idea from hmmm?

Of course, she made an 'apology' but that's transparent. If you happen to read this, I want one. A sincere, mature apology. No text speak, no caps and certainly one that is more meaningful then that one is. And I want it to be a public one in a comment here, for everyone to see.

Darla said it best, that we are the weird kids that are picked on just for being different. In essence that's exactly what this is. People complain about the fandom rotting and then when someone does something different, they jump on it, tear it to shreds in a heart beat. There's too much pain and suffering in this world for there to be more.

I'm a fragile person, some of you may realise this. I haven't had it particularly easy and the past year has been hard enough without having her interfering.

I once was much more active in the fandoms, posting in various places. That's how I met some of you. But now, with all that's happened, I'm content to remain here, in my safe little shell, away from everything.

Just like I used to do at school, when I used to hide away from the bullies. I guess I figured now I was older that I wouldn't get people like that before. I guess not.

Yet in this fandom I've been called a homicidal maniac, I've had people saying I must have been molested as I child, I've had everything I do torn apart and people outright ignore my stuff even though it isn't all gore and death.

One of the craziest things someone said to me is 'well they don't sing about what you write or bring it up in interviews'. Have they listened to MCR's songs? They mention dressing in drag, rape, murder, suicide, death, canibalism... Honestly, they should be more surprised people aren't doing stuff like me. Even though I mostly do smut.

Anyway. That's what I've got to say about it.

To all the people that have defended me, agreed with me and stood up for me, thank you. I truly appreciate it. The world is a better place for you all.
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