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I Know

I Know
Pairing: girl!Gerard Way/girl!Mikey Way
POV: Mikey
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Femmeslash, blindfolds, strap-on's
Notes: This is my first piece of femmeslash porn. I hope I've done it ok (I've always been nervous about doing one so...) Anyway, here it is.
Dedications: bloodyhands, unknown_portal and fastbetty31 for requesting it (I truly hope this is ok)

I gazed over my sister's bare body, licking my lips. "Mikey... please." I chuckled at my sister's pleading voice, knowing she wanted me to come closer. I'd blindfolded her while I changed, knowing that seeing me naked drove her crazy. I hadn't done much in that time, just took off all my clothes and attached a strap-on. Her legs were spread wide, her pussy wet and glistening. Again I licked my lips, amazed by her beauty as I slowly approached her.

I climbed between her legs, burying my head between them. I planted kisses on her hips and thighs lightly, flicking my tongue out over her skin. She tasted so good, even though it was just her sweat. Her juices tasted so much better. I kissed a path to her entrance, extending my tongue teasingly. I inhaled her scent, running my tongue briefly along her hot little hole. If I dived my tongue inside, I knew I wouldn't be able to stop until she came. I loved eating her out far too much, not just her cunt, but her ass too. I placed a gentle kiss on her clit, then pulled away reluctantly. I heard her whimper, then moved up, aiming the rubber cock for her hole. It always amused me that, while lesbians didn't want men, they used their likeness during sex. Maybe it was just the cock they wanted, not the man that was unfortunately attached.

I bit my lip, teasing her with the toy lightly. She bucked up, desperate for it. Needy slut. I held onto her hips, rubbing it against her. "Touch your tits sis." She moaned and bought her hands to them, massaging them both. "Good girl." I grinned as she groped herself blindly. Again, that was something I could do all day. I eased myself into her slowly, watching her face contort in pleasure. I thrust fully into her, gazing over her beautiful body. I smiled as she arched against me, craving more. I then moved out and slammed back deep within her, the sound of her groans music to my ears. I stared at her body, then looked down, watching the black rubber stretch her open.

I moaned, sliding in and out of her pussy until the shaft was dripping with her. Then I removed myself completely, smirking as she whined at the loss. "Calm down sister." I stepped off the bed, then reached down, unbuckling the strap-on carefully so as not to make much noise. With her eyes covered, all her other senses would be slightly more alert, hearing included. I stepped out of the straps, moving to the head of the bed. "Lift your head up." She did as she was told and I raised the strap-on, securing it tightly around her head so the rubber cock was sticking out from her mouth. I'd never done this before and as soon as the idea entered my head I knew I had to do it. I mounted the bed again, my thighs either side of my sister's head. I could see her nose twitching, knowing she caught my scent. I bit my lip, sliding my own cunt down the shaft, knowing that she'd be desperate to watch. I grinned, letting my warmth slide down until I was dripping over her face.

I slowly moved myself up and down it's seven inches, then, on my third thrust down, decided I'd had enough teasing her. I reached between my legs and pulled off her blindfold, letting her see what she wanted. Her hazel eyes watched me, clearly filled with hungry lust. I slowed down my pace, squeezing around the shaft to coat it more. I did it knowing how much it would turn her on, her eyes on my hole. I kept flexing around it, moving at an unsteady pace. I tried to keep slow, but knew I'd soon climax if I kept this up. "Touch me."

She reached up, stroking myy thigh, her thumb rubbing against my clit. I trembled slightly, tipping my head back in pleasure. I gripped onto her hair tight, rolling my hips against the shaft, her thumb pressing slightly harder as it circled me. "Fuck..." I let out a low groan, soaking the entire shaft with my sticky wetness. I stood up, letting it slip out of me, reaching down to under the straps. "Lick it clean."

She nodded, licking at the shaft and tasting us both. I moved down so I was back between her legs, bending down and kissing her hole. I darted my tongue inside, reaching to thumb her clit as she had done to mine. She moaned out my name, which made me smile as I stuck my tongue deeper in her sweet softness. She tasted so fucking amazing. My other hand moved under her, my fingers stroking her cleft. My middle finger delved between her cheeks, hunting for her asshole. I easily found my target, slipping the digit inside her, her thighs bucking up against me. Sometimes I wished I had an extra hand, just so I could hold down her belly while I did this. Her hip thrusts were very distracting. I closed my eyes, breathing her in deep as I wiggled my nose against her. I squirmed my middle finger up her tight ass, purring as I felt it move inside her. "Fuck Mikey..." Her hand entered my hair, holding me down, the rubber cock now slick with her saliva and discarded on the bed. "I'm...."

She bucked up, harder then before as she came, her sweet juices coating my tongue. I swallowed all she had to give me eagerly, purring softly. She was now a panting, quivering mess covered in more sweat then before. I smiled, planting a kiss on her clit, then stomach. So beautiful.

I moved from my position, slidng up beside her, kissing her tiredly. I wrapped an arm around her, curling up against her side. "Love you my beautiful sister." I smiled at her, her eyes already lidded. Her response was almost inaudiable, but I could hear it.

"I know."

I wish she'd stop watching Star Wars.
Tags: femmeslash, fic, girl!gerard way, girl!gerard way/girl!mikey way, girl!mikey way, my chemical romance
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