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Back to the street where we began

Today has been a day of wrong, wrong, wrong.

Meaning, a lot has fucked up.

What's gone wrong:
*Doing no writing today when I was meant to start femmeslash for Darla
*Forbidden Planet not having the Star Wars book I really wanted (I knew I shoulda got it when I saw it at Kerrang)
*Forgetting to look for Stephen Hawking's book
*Nowhere having The Blackout's single
*Oasis being shut so babu couldn't get what he wanted (Tunnels and second set of piercings)
*The other sci-fi shop being shut
*The cold
*Missing the last train (there was one an hour before usual) so we had to go to Wolverhampton and get a taxi


Of course, there were good things:
*Having loads of Mcdonalds
*Getting loads of new Doctor Who cards (why isn't there an Astrid yet damnit?)
*Getting Pocketmodels (though still no Lucrehulk damnit! But there is some new ones so...)
*Getting two cheap Star Wars graphic novels (Zam and Jango)
*Getting the first issue of that cool planet thing (I might not get the rest though, we'll see). I forgot about it so I didn't look on the trip. it's totally cool it has Ceres and Eris though.
*Forbidden Planet bags having Torchwood on)
*Before I went I bought some more Star Wars cards (including a Leia, the Death Star and Superlaser) so I have to send a cheque for them soon
*I got the last Pokemon thing, so now I have the full set: Turtwig was last
*The taxi driver being nice

About the gig:
*Getting a nice tee... oddly it has teeth
*The support acts are alright I guess, nothing special. the first one had Brendon come on mid-song, he looked nice in a leather jacket thing.
*There was a cutes gay couple holding hands< 3
*Getting a nice view (normally I can never see drummers there so I've missed both Dan's, Gavin and Omar before so I feared I'd miss Spencer)
*Having a nice old lady stand on the chair behind me when it started
*Oh gods, Spencer, Spencer, Spencer. His neck is fucking goregous! Gods. he is so totally beautiful (and defiantely my fav member as if there was any doubt). The facial hair's starting to suit him
*I'm finally starting to think Brendon's alright again (Ryan looked awful)
*Jon being totally adorable. He talked a lot, they couldn't get him to shut up < 3 So cute. And he wsaid 'we are Panic! At the Disc' three times
*Spencer clapping's so cute
*Brendon chatting up the whole single population of the venue
*Ryan dedicating a song to Jon (I think it was Lying)
*Getting a tee outside the venue, though paying too much
*Nicking one of the Academy's Panic! posters (which was cool, I've never had a Venue one before)... and getting one outside
*Most of the time was spent going between Spencer and Jon. They are my fav two members.
*the whole room screaming 'whore'
*Seeing Zack a few times

The new songs, I guess I'll know if if I defiantely like them when I hear the proper versions. Right now I think they're pretty good, but I need to make out Brendon's voice better.

So, Darla, I've yet to start fic, but I will tomorrow. (Any tips on oral would be awesomeness.)

I might take a sick day off due to tiredness.

Anyway this was in my LJ inbox when I got back. how absolutely fucking mind-blowingly hot is that? I could stare at that all night. It's by l_a_m_n
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