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Pairing: Matthew Leone/Mikey Way
POV: Matthew
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Pissing, guns, death
Dedications: fastbetty31, bloodyhands, mikeyface and especially for the_glory_days for requesting (I hope you like)

I watched as my men bought him into the room, a hood over his head and his hands cuffed securely behind behind him. His foot moved unsteadily as they both pushed him towards me. Apart from the hood and a pair of panties, he was completely naked, displaying all of his new blossoming bruises where they'd roughed him up. They pushed him towards me, then forced him down to his knees. I smirked as I heard a soft whimper of pain from behind the hood. "Leave us." I waved my hand dismissively at Dan and Mateo, both of them nodding. Dan ruffled the hood, while Mateo kicked him firmly in the back before leaving. I licked my lips as the door shut behind them.

Alone at last.

For a few minutes I just sat back and stared at my captive, content to let him squirm. I wasn't sure if the slender boy knew why he was here, but I was certain he knew who my men were. Eventually I grabbed the hood, yanking the black material from his head. His eyes blinked to adjust to the light, fear induced sweat covering his skin. A ball gag was stuffed between his lips, which would keep him quiet for now. "Do you know who I am?" I spoke in a calm, measured tone, running my hands down my suit. He shook his head. It didn't surprise me. My brother always took all the glory and I preferred to work behind the scenes. "I'm Matthew Leone." Ah there it was, the increased level of fear.His eyes went wide in recognition of my family name. "Now you know don't you?" More fear swept through his face, his hair ruffled and body sweat-covered. It made me smirk and my cock twitch. Reputation was everything and my twin had well established ours.

"Now, I will tell you why you're here, if you don't already know that is." I ran my fingers down over my suit again, keep my gaze fixed firmly on him. "Three days ago, your cunt of a brother ordered someone to kill my twin." he squirmed slightly at my words. "Thankfully he isn't dead, yet, though he is fucking comatose. So here you are, in lieu of the actual killer I have you. I am going to have my way with you and, if I decide to let you live, you can tell your asshole of a brother to get him and his pitiful little band out of my city. Got that?" He nodded wildly like one of those ridiculous bobble-heads.

Oh how I loathed those things.

It wasn't as if Mikey Way was a fully innocent boy, he was just as involved in this dirty world of ours as his big brother and me. Both our family's were involved in the same buisness. Well, buisnesses. Gun running, drugs, gambling, prostitution and intimidation. In extreme cases, killing. I prefered intimidation though. It often worked better. The trouble with our family's was pretty simple. Up until four years ago Chicago was our city. Then those Way's turned up, with their gang of boys from New Jersey and had been undermining us ever since. I'd never thought that Gerard would try and kill my nrother though. Perhaps that was our failing. I wish I had my hands on who did it. Bob would find out.

I reacheddown, undoing my pants button and pulling down the zipper to my fly. I could see his eyes were on my crotch, although I couldn't tell if his gaze was due to hunger, curiousity or nervousness. Regardless, as soon as my erection.was freed from it's confines, his eyes went wide. I chuckled, reaching behind his head and unbuckled his gag. As soon as it fell from his lips, I pushed his head down between my legs, forcing my cock between his pretty lips and down his throat. He seemed to have no problems taking all of my thick, pulsing length.

There were rumors he used his pretty mmouth to pleasure his brother. Bob had told me that gerard always seem to come out flustered yet satisfied after alone time with him.

I held onto his hair, purring as his lips squeezed around my engorged shaft. He bobbed his head up and down mmy length, flicking his tongue over my skin. I kept a hand in his dark locks, just to ensure he didn't stop. His eyes lidded as he took my all the way and I licked my lips. "Picturing your brother huh bitch? Well, he's not here to help you." I thrust my hardness further down his throat to emphasise my point. Maybe I should send him back to him in boxes, saving his pretty head till last. I chuckled at the thought, moaning as I spilled down his throat.

I mentally cursed myself, having wanted to both last longer and shoot up his ass instead. Still, no matter. I just had to wait to get hard again. Slowly, I pushed his head down so just the tip of my softening dick was between his lips. I growled low in my throat, the released myself, pissing into his mouth. His eyelids snapped open as I did so. He choked and tried to pull away, but I just laughed and held him in place. Only when his mouth was overflowing with my golden liquid did I move from between his lips. The remainder of it sprayed over his face, some going into his eyes, and in his hair, while the rest went over his upper body and shoulders. I wiped the last few drops over his lips then slipped my hand in my pocket. I pulled out my camera phone, aiming the lens at him and taking a few shots. Sometimes it came in handy. "I'll make sure your brother see's these. And I'll make sure he knows that it's Leone piss that's covering your whore face."

He glared at me, but he knew better then to answer back. After all he was in no position to threaten, bargain or argue. Satisfied, I pocketed the phone and stood up, circuling his prone, wet body like a vulture. The sight began to renew my hardness and within just a few circuits I had a full, aching boner.

I moved behind him and pushed his head down into the plush chair I'd vacated earlier. His ass lifted up and I hooked my fingers in the strng of his black, lacy underwear tugging it down until gravity took over. Then the material fell straight down to his knees. I gazed along his cleft, then gripped each of his cheeks, spreading them open wide. I spat at his twitching pucker, which was more lubricant then the little shit deserved. I aimed myself for his hole and, with a singular, quick and fluid thrust I was buried balls deep within him. He cried out loudly in pain, clawing at the chain of the cuffs. Probably not used to a real man fucking him. I moaned in pleasure as he squeezed tight around me, his body trying to push me out.

"What's wrong little whole? Not used to having a thick guy cock in your cunt?" When all he did was groan I pulled out then thrust back within him harshy. "I bet all you've ever had is that pussy boy's cock right?" His fingers wrapped around each other as his asshole flexed around me. "You sure know how to work a cock though slut. Must be all the brotherly love your pussy gets huh?" he growled at my words, though still said nothing. I reached around his waist, feeling his cock. I smirked again as I found he was semi-hard. Least part of him was having fun. Typical whore. I spat on his bare back, speeding up my pace inside him. When he cried in pleasure as my cock head brushed his spot, I purposely changed my angle. All too soon I could feel myself get close again. Probably due to not shooting in days. I tried to hold back, but it was useless. His tight heat was just too much for me and I released my sticky fluid deep inide him, crying out loudly.

As I pulled out of his hole, my seed drippling from the pucker, he laughed softly. Fucking laughed. "What's so funny slut?"

"You said his name when you came. Your twin's." He paused, licking his lips, eyes dark. "Nathan."

I growled and kicked him in his ass, hearing him moan from the hit. "You don't get to say his name!" I zipped myself up quickly. "Not now, not ever you get me?" I kicked him again in the same place, harder. "FIlthy slut." He still was laughing, mocking me with the sound. I pulled my gun out of my hip holster, ramming about hhalf of the cold metal barrel inside him, replacing my cock. He instantly went silent. I could see my cum coat the metal, keeping my finger on the trigger. "Don't get fucking smart with me." I wasn't going to shoot, I had no intention of that, but he didn't know that. Fear would keep him in line. I smirked as I heard his unsteady, ragged breathing.

I was about to slowly ease my weapon out when the shrill sound of my mobile's ring tone cut through the air. It was the tone I'd assigned to Bob, which meant he might know something at last. I sighed, using my free hand to pull out the annoying device, bringing it up to my ear. "Hello? Make it quick Bob I'm kind of busy with the Way cunt."

Mikey's eyes widened at Bob's name and I chcukled mentally. He had no idea that, while Bob worked for them, he was loyal to me. Always had been, always would be. And Bob always go ot the point. "He's the shooter."

My fnger twitched on the trigger, more then I'd intended. A loud bang filled the air and the bullet tore through his insides,out through his stomach, leaving a splatter of his blood and gutts over the floor. "Shit."

"What happened? I heard a shot." Bob's voice remained calm, though I was sure he was tapping something nervously. He always did that, tapping out a random beat.

"I just killed the bastard. Fuck! it was too fucking easy!" I shook my head, withdrawing my gun and kicking him onto his back. There was still some life in his eyes, though it was fading. He'd be dead soon. I knelt beside him, gazing into his depths. "You deserved more suffering then what your getting." I placed the barrell at his lips, forcing it between them. "But since this is all his fault... Bob, bring Gerard in." I heard a mumble of affirmative, then stuffed the phone waway. I smirked at Mikey, his eyes wide. I may not be able to torture him like I wanted, like he deserved, but I had ensured his last thought would be of his brother in my hands.

I pulled the trigger, splattering his brains all over the floor.

I think I'd leave his stains there.
Tags: fic, madina lake, matthew leone/mikey way, my chemical romance, slash
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