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We have a tradition on my home planet of Sto

Thankfully this morning I was awake, so I was able to get my Doctor Who dvd before mum could. YAY! I'm totally watching it in a bit Astrid/Kylie is awesome and I demand she comes back for a few more episodes (if they can bring back Rose forever-trapped-in-a-parallel-universe-with-absolutely-no-way-out Tyler back then they can bring back her).

So today we went off to the O2. It was a tiring day.

The O2 was a bit boring since we missed a shwoing of Jumper by about 15 minutes. Damn. Still, we had sushi, which is always good. I coulda had more. I always want more. We got cutes sand-filled animals. Mikey got me an elephant, giraffe and zebra. Mikey got a massive lizard one.

The exhibit stuff was too expensive, but I got some scarab charms since they were pretty.

Now, the exhibit itself. It was ok. There were some cool, pretty stuff there. But, the main thing is, it's a Tutankahamen exhibit. So what do you expect to see? Yep, the shiny death mask. Was it there? Nope. I kept thinking it'd be in the last room (especially due to all the security around the place) but it wasn't there. Sigh.

So, don't go if you're expecting that.

I slept most of he way back.

Anyway, I got a bit of writing done on the trip. Most of the_glory_days request is finished, I just have to type it up (it's been ages since I've lsast done a fic this way, wahh) so I'll do that tonight. When I last checked it was about 8 notepad pages.

Edit: bert amuses me wearing a 30 Seconds hoodie in Maybe Memories.
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