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Size of the moon

I'm only doing his post now, just after fic caise I'll be out tomorow. (And the keyboard's fucking up, sigh.)

So, for that that fic thing there's 9 out of 10 so far. So, someone can still claim the last one.

So far, here are the 9 (this is for both your and my reference):

For the_glory_days: Matthew Leone/Mikey Way: Mafia/guns (I have a very definate idea for this and I don't want to give it away) Vengeance

For fastbetty31: girl!Gerard Way/girl!Mikey Way: femmeslash, strap-on sex (I have a vague idea for this) I Know

For bloodyhands: Mikey Way/Ray Toro: humiliation, rough sex (I have an idea for this too) The Time Was Now

For unknown_portal: girl!Ray Toro/Gerard Way: het, dominatrix, strap-on (I have a vague idea for this) The Strap-On

For antontobias86: Matt Bellamy/John Balicanta: Vampirism, slavery

For midnightsugar: Ian Watkins/Jepha Howard: (nothing obvious yet apart from sex)

For mandlebars: Gavin Butler/Sean Smith: Necro

For missxtravesty: wiL Francis/Bert Mccracken: (nothing definate yet)

For loser_n_proud7: Benji Madden/Joel Madden: BDSM Obedience

For batboy: Patrick Stump/Jepha Howard: BDSM Sinking Deeper

I'm noting all these down in my notepad so one may be done on the trip (Plaything's put back a few day causa trip/Panic!).

So, everyone go read fic, I'll be off all day tomorrow and I'll try and do one of those. As I said, there's still one place left for it, so... if you want one, ask.
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