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Pairing: Matt Tuck/Padge
POV: Padge
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bondage, toys, crossdressing
Notes:: Photobucket=bitch so if you don't know who they are... they're my icon k?
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface and l_a_m_n (who this is mainly for)

I gazed over his sweat-slick body, licking my lips. I watched as his chest rose and fell, his arousal clear as his hard cock rested on his belly, the shining tip almost at his navel. His hands were cuffed together behind his back and I knew his fingers would be knitted together to prevent them from scratching at his skin. Any moans of pleasure he made were muted by the balled up pair of boxers stuffed between his lips. He could spit thm out at any time he wanted, but he didn't. His teeth held them firmly in place, while his tongue lapped at the material every now and then. I traced my palms over his chest, running my fingers along his soft skin. He looked so beautiful like this, prone and exposed for me and me alone.

I moved my hands between his legs, stroking his thighs and thumbing his soft, low hanging balls. At my touch, he spread his legs wide for me. I heard him purr, watching as his eyes lidded and his head tipped back, exposing his pretty neck. He was so beautiful. I bent down, kissing his chest and releasing his thigh to trail my fingers over the inked skin of his arm. I loved his tattoo.

I extended my tongue, licking down his chest slowly. I dipped my tongue into his navel, flicking it around lightly, collecting all the sweat that had pooled there. He moaned above me, as I pulled back slightly to lap at his soft, fleshy head. I gazed up at him, trailing my tongue over him, down along his most prominant vein. My other hand went to his balls, cupping and rolling them between my fingers. He purred softly above me. I smirked, pondering teasing him more then I already had. After all I'd been between his legs three times tonight already, lapping at his cock then leaving him to ache more. Between those times, I'd rimmed his pretty little ass and pushed first a dildo, then a butt plug inside him. My hand left his balls, reaching down to push at the base of the plug, making it squirm within him.

I placed my lips on his cock head, taking him between them. I moved down his cock, swallowing him down my throat with ease I gripped his hip tight, holding him position as I bobbed my head slowly along him, teasing his shaft my squeezing my lips and lapping at his aching skin. He moaned above me, though he kept the underwear between his teeth. I smirked around him, sucking harder. Anyone that came in right now, seeing me between Matt's legs giving him head in a dress, would mistakenly think I didn't have control. So far we'd only been caught once. I could still remember the look on Jay's face. He couldn't look us in the eye for days.

I smirked around his pulsing dick, watching as he tipped his head back. If I just moved a handful of times more I'd have his strong tasting cum down the back of my throat, and the precum that was on my tongue was adequate enough for me right now. I moved my lips back, releasing his hardness to slap against his belly.

"Enough teasing." I pulled the plug out from his opening, licking my lips as it popped out. His asshole looked so beautiful, twitching and wet, obviously eager for me. Desperate little whore. I climbed onto the bed and hitched my dress up. My own throbbing hard-on stuck out straight from my body, the head of the thick shaft oozing precum. I gripped it at the base, aiming it for his twitching pucker. I moved forward until my head was placed against his hole, then looked into his eyes. He locked his orbs with mine and I could see the clear, hungry lust there. I blew him a kiss, then slammed into his tight heat. Finally he spat the boxers out of his mouth, just as I knew he would. His body twisted under me, his ass squeezing vice-like around me.

I lay over him, pressing my clothed body against his bare and kissed him hungrily. His mouth tasted surprisingly sweet, especially since what had been occupying it the past hour. I flicked my tongue around his, purring as he barely responded. Sure, his tongue wiggled slightly, brushing against mine, but it remained still to let me know I was in charge. He was such a good boy, I'd taught him well. I held onto his hips with one hand, sliding my other around his waist and flicking open the cuffs. We'd decided long ago not to use propper cuffs with keys, since such keys would be extremely easy to lose and I had no desire to call up someone to blow torch Matt out of his bindings. His arms remained in place behind him as I fucked him roughly. He had enough will power to keep his arms in that position all night if need be, though I knew I'd soon be telling him otherwise. Possibly.

I pulled away from his lips, gripping both of his hips now, digging my nails into his soft, supple skin, my teeth grazing his neck lightly. I moved away from his skin, watching as my dress covered his thighs and upper legs. "Wank for me." In an instant his hands were out from behind him. His right wrapped tight around his cock, moving at a frenzied pace, while the other one caressed his upper body, pinching each of his hard nipples in turn. Although I'd been careful not to touch myself while he was at my mercy, I was still close to orgasm already. It was his fault for being so fucking beautiful.

I slammed hard into him, moaning as my balls slapped against his skin. My angle was already altered to hit his spot, which I was now accomplished at hitting. My eyelids fell shut, moans and swear words leaving my lips. "You'd better cum first bich."

"Yes ma'am." I barely heard the mumbled words, hearing him let out a low groan of exertion. I felt he first blast of cum land on my chin, the following ones hitting his chest or dress. It wasn't uncommon for him to shoot that high, especially after all the teasing I gave him.

I chuckled at him, knowing his spasming muscles would send me over soon. "Good whore." Sure enough, I came too, spilling myself deep into his insides. I panted heavily, my dress clinging to my sweaty body. I slowly eased myself out of his sticky, sweaty and now cum filled opening. Beautiful. I knelt down, flicking my tongue over it, tasting myself and the usual tastes of arses. His was amazing, often dirty but still all good.

I moved away from him, pulling the dress up over my body. I saw him drop the cuffs into the besides drawer, watching me and panting quietly. I climbed onto the bed, curling up beside him and wrapping a leg over his waist. "Thanks." He whispered softly against me. I smiled, kissing his cheek, we indulged each others needs. His to be dominated, mine to wear dresses while I did it. He was asleep withn seconds, before I could form a reply to him. I didn't care though. I just planted my lips on his cheek and let him rest.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, matt tuck/padge, slash
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