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Set for stun

Anyone that wants to make a request, there's still three fic spaces one fic space left here. I'm gonna look over the replies I've had so far (since LJ didn't send messages last night).

Today's been a boring day. Discussion group is sorta, but at least we do no work. Not that we do work the other days. There was another pretty boy today. He's a blonde emo and oh so tall.

Sean's a whore with every Myspace message he does. I swear.

Anyway, I just wanna curl in bed cause my back's achy. And I can't find folder which is annoying me still. Bah!

Tomorrow I'm out all day (literally, from 9:30-9:30) causa the exhibit at the O2. I'm going with Mikey. We'll probably not get anything, but'll have sushi. I dunno exact details on the trip apart from going there (we might end up somewhere else too or given loadsa free time or something).

Tonight I'll finish Matt/Padge, cause I wrote a bit last night. So...

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