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Lurking in the darkness

How cute was Jack and Ianto in Torchwood? They're so adorable together.

I tried to fic, but nothing's come so... I'll try tomorrow. I've spent most of today in bed anyway so... thank fuck for a day off. Tomorrow will be boring no doubt, but then again I might get sent back again. I might call beforehand.

I also haven't talked to mum tonight, giving her the silent treatment for being a bitch.

Anyway, tonight I got bored so I did this pairing thing. I blame seeing a Bob/Ray thing at bandom_ships. Now I was gonna do ten, but I ended up doing 15 instead causa how many MCR ones I did. Photobucket hates me lately, so there won't be links to pics (but I assume most of you will know who's who).

15 pairings I'd like to see more of.

1: Bob Bryar/Bert Mccracken [My Chemical Romance/The Used]
This pairing is mostly due to Darla. Before MCR Bob was The Used's tech. Naturally, that's an opportunity for Bert and Bob to hook up. I think that's why Bert's so pissed at Gerard, cause he took Bob away and as I said, after Brendon went would Bert have replaced him with Bob if he was still around? I think so, as I said before, somene should do it). Basically I think Bert liked him not just for the sex (although that would've been a large part of it) but because Bob's cuddly. Also, at the time, it's not as if Bert had any competition for his affections. I get the feeling they could still work now, especially with Bob's new hair. He looks like a hobo... just like Bert. Perhaps now, after so long, he misses him.

2: Gerard Way/Mikey Way [My Chemical Romance]
Ah the Ways. My first MCR pairing. I'm certain that they've fooled around at least once (though definately more). I mean, how many brothers touch as much as they do? How many brothers do you know that fucking grope each other? Just these two that's who. The trouble is, it's very hard to tell who initiated it and wo tops. Sure, Mikey looks all innocent but when he lost his glasses... well, he just looks hot and evil (but now with his hair... he doesn't look so good). Gerard, with his divaness, seems like such a natural bottom although he's often portrayed as the pervy big brother. In any case, if they started it when Mikey was an innocent child or when gerard was drunk, it's happened. You know it, I know it... everyone knows it.

3: Ian Watkins/Sean Smith [Lostprophets/The Blackout]
Well, they've kissed and they've licked each other. There's obviously something there. Ian, the pervert he is, taught Sean all he needed to know about sex. Sure, Sean wasn't unexperienced, but Ian taught him how to suck cock and eat ass like a pro. Now he does all of The Blackout. And Ian whenever he can. Plus look at what Ian wanted to do with the Blackout vid: get Sean oiled up and make out.

4: Bob Bryar/Ray Toro [My Chemical Romance]
There's something about them. They're so manly and often forgot about, so I bet they just do things while the others aren't looking. Question is, who tops. It's hard to say. Mostly it's adorable how close they can get, especially in posters. I think Ray likes to protect Bob (even though he could obviously protect himself). Plus they seem to just... giggle and no one else gets why. That and they seem to talk during shows. It's cute really. And they're the mummy and daddy of the band, which means they're the responsible ones.

5: Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith [Panic! At The Disco]
Like with the Ways, when I first saw Panic! I had a feeling Spencer and Ryan were doing it. Unlike the Ways, they have the whole best frend thing going on. Plus, Spencer has said they've slept together. I'm sure they've experimented too, cause best friends seem too. What generally annoys me about drummers is (unless they're related to another band member) they're forgotten about. Now, it's not their fault that they can't get around their instrument and grope another bandmate like the others can. It's not very fair. Alas, I've lost track. But Ryan and Spencer are both really pretty. Though again, I'm unsure who tops. They're just so pretty.

6: Bob Bryar/Gerard Way [My Chemical Romance]
'Oh Gerard you make my heart burn.' Those words (sung by Bob for his infamous and altogether super awesome solo project) sum up the pairing. I'm sure Gerard's quite oblivious to Bob's affections and so it's more... a sort of unrequieted, unsung love really. Though yes, Bob has got his knees in front of him to tie his shoes and ran right around his kit to do so (with so much fucking speed he was a bit like roadrunner). Perhaps that's why Bob's growing his hair to emulate Bert, in hopes Gerard'll kiss him like he did to Bert (and other things too). Who knows.

7: Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone [Madina Lake]
Ah the twins. Unlike the Way's they're not all touchy. They don't grope or kiss (or just haven't yet that I've seen) but there's... something there. Perhaps it's just the twin thing (and the thought of them going at it is just so hot). That and they're both as bouncy as hell (and Matthew's yoga... fuck).

8: Jay James/Matt Tuck [Bullet for My Valentine]
Yeah, Jay had to be included somehow right? So, Jay and Matt is a bit like the Way's. There was a point where it was obvious who'd top but (with Jay's hair change and hearing him speak) that time is long since past. While Jay certainly ha stronger arms (like Bob) his personality is completely different to what you'd expect. Yeah he gets drunk like the rest of them, but he is so innocent seeming, childlike and naive. I'm sure Matt's not beyond taking advantage of that fact. And he does seem very protective over him. Plus, the fact that they drink so much allows for drunken sex by default. But the topping thing is still iffy (though I make out it's obviously Matt). Jay could easily overpower Matt if he desired to (or if Matt begged him to do so) and driink could in theory make him an aggresive top. Again, who knows. (But i'm sure his tongue piercing is good for something...)

9: Mikey Way/Ray Toro [My Chemical Romance]
Mikey and Ray have a tendancy to get very close at gigs, so they're up close, hot and sweaty. If they were naked it would be sex. It seems obvious that Ray tops (due to the size of his huge cock) but Mikey's evil side mean he probably could. Plus Ray might be a secret bottom despite (or perhaps because of) his huge wang. Regardless, it's hot.

10: Ian Watkins/Ilan Rubin [Lostprophets]
Similar to Sean Ilan is young and impressionable. I'm sure Ian's took advantage of his naivety (especially since he said he taught him his hand work during GIAN) and taught him everything he knows, just like Sean. Only, unlike Sean, he has Ilan on the road with him to use permenantly. Also Ilan is like a mini-Ray, which makes me wonder if Ian has a thing for him. (Although there's no pics of them together.) So Ian is pretty much a pervert that loves doing boys ten years younger then him.

11: Matt Tuck/Padge [Bullet for My Valentine]
When I first saw Bullet, Matt and Padge were my first pairing to think about (which is odd considering I only just did something with them). The thing about them is they look so alike. I mean, their hair's roughly the same length, they have similar body sizes and their arms are both tatttooed. The main difference between them is Padge's facial hair andthe fact that he seems to be the most drunk of all of them. He seems in a permenant drunk state (which means, coupled with his strong accent, his voice is very hard to understand). I'm not sure if I'm trying to say that Padge would rape Matt while drunk or if Matt would take advantage of his drunken state.

12: Worm/Gerard Way [My Chemical Romance]
Out of all the pairings, this is perhaps the most obvious as to who tops. Worm. Worm's always watching Gerard, so there's quite possibly a strong lust there (especially since he presses up against Gerard). Yes, Worm is huge. Size-wise, he's even bigger then Ray and Bob but does that matter to Gerard? Of course not. Worm is obviously a cuddly, protective guy who wouldn't leave Gerard for anyone else (although there might be a slight thing with Bob).

13: Dan Whitesides/Jepha Howard [The Used]
Come on, Jepha's admitted to fucking him in toilets and Dan's got on his knees and licked Jepha's crack in a photoshoot. It's insanely obvious from that that they're doing it (and having kinky, crossdressing sexcapades). There's not much else to say other then that. But I'm sure Dan's spent a night tracing Jepha's tattoos with his tongue.

14: Charlie Simpson/Omar Abidi [Fightstar]
Ok, this may seem like a strange pairing, but I just... have a feeling about it. Obviously thoughts are normally about Omar being insecure over his size/Charlie getting off because of it. Like I said, it's not immediately obvious, but I'm sure it's there.

15: Ian Watkins/Matt Tuck [Bullet For My Valentine/Lostprophets]
For some reason, there's a rivalry between them. I'm not 100% sure who started it or why (though I heard it was cause Ian talked shit about them which I don't get as they're different styles of music). Any sex between them would be rough and a form of one getting revenge on the other (most likely Matt). Pretty much rape in the toilets of some event they were both at (which has just given me an image). Sure, their bandmates could also get involved, but... I think Bullet would win in a fight.
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