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Wesa free

Mum is an utter, utter cunt. She is being so childish and fucking bitchy about Mikey being here, it's unreal. Bah. I can't be arsed ranting about here.

Anyway, I'm back now. I've been out just over an hour. The course place ended up sending half of us home causa it being so packed. If I'd come early I'd have had to deal with the arse, but I'm glad about that. We were sent with a thing to fill in, which is better then staying in there.

So, being up early and going in was a bit pointless.

But, that means I get to spend the day at home with Mikey. Yay!

TNA came today, but it doesn't have a thing saying what the 50 moments are so... when I watch it I'll be going in there blind. Which I was pretty much anyway.

Also had a letter confirming my money's sorted. Yay.

Last night we went to Blockbuster. Mikey got me Mighty Boosh Live and Blood And Chocolate. Yay! It gave us some time away from mum which is good.

So today when mum gets back we'll be having a go at her. I might be ficcing cause I started that Matt/Padge fic (though I might re-write what I have) so I'll try finishing that tonight. Cause of mum being a cunt, I'll be up here and thuslly online during Torchwood (which I'm not usually.).

Anyway, we're off for a few to get Kerrang (with Madina being all perdy on the cover) and drink. Then, the day is ours.

Edit: Well i have Kerrang. Madina look like they've taken style tips from Panic! (which is kinda hot). Dan looks adorable on the front... then has his fingers covered in cream. Guh. Matthew on the front looks like Mr Burns with his fingers. I hope there's a poster of this Madina shoot. It's hot. Jay's so adorable, signing the end of his cigarette of a boy and saying he would've replaced Matt with Gollum. They all look so pretty.

Next week there's a Bullet poster but the preview of it covers up Jay's face. Asses.

Ah well, done now.
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