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Pairing: Gerard Way/Worm/Ray Toro, Bob Bryar/Bert Mccracken (and variations of the five)
POV: Bob
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Crossdressing, toys, sub!Ray. Also, it's super long.
Notes: Sequel to Daddy and Voyeur
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface and mrsvandertramp (I hope you like) (and I hope this fulfils some of your sub-Ray needs ___neg3mph)

"Kiss and make up or I'll keep you in diapers for the rest of the tour." I smirked at Worm's words, thinking about how hot it would be to watch Gerard wearing them on stage again. He looked so uncomfortable that night, especially since Worm had slipped laxatives into his pre-gig coffee. I resisted the urge to chuckle at the memory. Sometimes being a drummer had it's advantages. I looked at Gerard now, smiling at what I saw. He was completely naked, siitting on the floor with his arms crossed, refusing to look at my Bertie. "I mean it boy."

My Bertie was more willing to end this feud, mostly since I'd promised him so much if he did. Including letting him sleep with his perverted bandmate. He was so easy. I stroked his dark, messy hair looking down his body. Unlike Gerard he wore an item of clothing, a pair of black rubber panties which made him squirm. Sticking out from the crotch of it was a large rubber dildo. "Please Gerard." He moved from by my side, crawling over to him. "Let's make up for our daddy's. Please? I've already said I'm sorry."

Gerard turned his head slightly, looking at Bert properly. His eyes flashed to Worm, then he crawled towards Bert. He wrapped his arms around Bert's body, leaning close and kissing him. At first it was just a peck, which I'm sure was Gerard's intention, but Bert tangled his hands in his hair and held him close as he pushed his tongue between his lips. He resisted a little at first, but eventually gave in, returning the kiss and wrapping his hands around Bert's body. I smirked at the sight of them. All it took was a kiss to get them as passionate as they were before, just as I suspected.

My gaze left them and returned to Worm, who was now cradling Gerard's 'sister'. I still couldn't quite believe that that was straight-laced Ray Toro. Worm had told me he had a surprise and Ray turned out to be it. I'd never in a million years would've expected Ray to be into all this, especially as a bottom. Especially as one dressed as he was. He was in a short skirt with black lacy panties that barely concealled his cock, a black bra covered his chest, hiding small pumped up tits. Once again I was glad I'd given Worm that breast pump. Ray's thick curls rubbed against Worm's skin as he suckled on one of his nipples. He looked so beautiful like that. The heels of his shoes dug into the couch as he lapped at the nipple, his hands stroking Worm's round belly.

My gaze returned to Bert and Gerard and I watched as my Bertie lick down Gerard's chest. He parted his lips, taking in the head of Gerard's small member between them. He quickly swallowed him down, taking him all in one quick, fluid movement. He started moving up and down, Gerard's hands tangling in his locks. All seemed forgiven now.

I scooted closer to Worm and Ray, running my hand along his hairy legs. I cupped the fleshy cheek of his his ass, hearing him groan aganst his daddy. "God your ass is so pretty." I purred, squeezing the skin making him moan louder. "I hope your daddy let's me fuck it."

"Of course Bob." His hands were combing through Ray's hair and stroking his back. "Would my little girl like that? Bob's thick cock buried deep in your tight little pussy?" There was something oh-so-hot about him saying that, especially to Ray. My hard cock twitched between my legs, my fingers stroking along his cleft. Ray just let out a moan in response, pushing back against my touch. Worm pulled Ray's head back, looking him right in the eyes. "On all fours for him then girl."

Ray slipped from his lap onto his hands and knees much quicker then I expected. Worm sure had he well trained. It made me wish I'd realised that Ray had this in him. I mentally cursed myself for missing it, having jusst assumed Ray would always be dominant. Why had I decided to judge the book by it's cover with him? He slipped his panties down his legs, letting them slide down to his knees. I gripped onto each of his ass cheeks, pulling them apart to expose his hole. It was much wider then I expected, clearly having been well prepared before I got here. It had to have been by something larger then a cock.

I smiled, standing up behind him and rubbing my shaft between his cheeks. "Please fuck my pussy." I smirked as he begged in his soft voice, pressing my leaking head against his ring. "Please, it needs you." I kept holding onto his ass, then rammed hard into him. He let out a soft cry of pleasure and I was amazed that my cock filled him all up in one thrust. I started to rock in and out of him, watching as he pushed back against me. He looked so beautiful under me, arching his back and squeezing his hole around me. Such a good little whore. Worm was watching me with a grin, laying back in his chair as I fucked Ray roughly. "That's it! Harder, please!"

I changed the angle of my thrusts slightly, grinning as he dug his nails into the carpet. He felt so amazing around me. Not quite as good as Bert, but that was due to his wide opening. Besides, that was all part of the arousal. I moved my hands up his cheeks, rubbing his soft skin under my fingers. He cried out louder beneath me and I kept aiming at that angle, knowing I was hitting his spot. "Play with yourself for me." He nodded wildly, reaching down to rub at his large cock. His fingers wrapped around it, stroking rapidly. He sat up a little, bringing his other hand to his chest, pushing the bra aside and cupping the rounded flesh beneath. "Fuck." No words could describe how hot it was.

All too soon I ached my back, ramming deep inside his pretty ass as I painted his insides with my cum. I panted softly as I rode out my orgasm, then removed myself from him and fell back on my seat. "Boy, stop playing with Bert and come clean up your sister!" I flicked my eyes over to them, watching as Gerard's lips moved off the rubber cock between Bert's legs, his own popping out from between his lips. He crawled over to Ray, his eyes sparkling as he took up the position I had just left, only instead of standing like I had, he was on his knees. He buried his face against Ray's ass, noticeably flicking his tongue inside. His hands were on his cheeks just as mine had been just a few minutes ago, only this time it was so he could push his face deep between them. I could see ray's fist was still working his dick, albeit at a slower pace. "Tell me how Bob tastes." I smirked to myself, knowing he already knew the answer to that.

Gerard pulled back slightly to reply, his face covered in Ray's sweet and a few drops of me. "He tastes..." He darted his tongue back between Ray's ass lips, as if another, fresh taste was required just to provide a response. When he pulled away, he flicked his tongue over his lips and was ready to speak again. "He tastes strong and salty. And so good daddy." He gave me a small smile, before diving back between Ray's cheeks.

I watched him for a few moments, before gazing at my Bertie again. The second our eyes made contact he moved from where he was watching them to be by my side. "Up." He stood up obediently, but kept his eyes on Gerard's head. Normally I'd call him on it, but I was having a hard time tearing my eyes away too, so I let it slide. I reached over to him, pushing the rubber panties I'd put on him down his legs, hearing him sigh in relief as they came down. I knew they were hot and tight, which probably made his erection extremely uncomfortable for him. I smiled as the rubber underwear fell down his legs, exposing himself fully for me. "Be a good boy now and suck Worm." He nodded, stepping out of his underwear and crawling past Ray and Gerrad, moving between Worm's legs. He lifted his belly up with one hand so the overhang wouldn't get in his way, then he held Worm up at the base and slipped his lips down the shaft. I could already hear Worm moan, watching him as his hands tangled in Bert's hair.

Such a good boy. He let go of Worm's belly, letting it rest on his head as he sucked his thick length, relaching up instead to trail his fingertips over Worm's chest. "Fuck..."

I smiled, then kissed Worm's neck, covering his tattoo there with my lips. As I traced my tongue over his inked skin I let my gaze fall on Gerard and Ray. I was certain that by now Gerard had gotten every possible drop of my cum he could, yet he still worked his tongue. Sometimes it was slow wiggles, others it was a short series of stabs. His right hand had left his ass, reaching around to cup at the other of Ray's swollen breasts.

"Fuck... boy, stop eating out your sister's cunt." Worm muttered, almost breathlessly, from beside me. With a whimper, Gerard obeyed, though he seemed clearly reluctant. He gave Ray's hole a quick kiss before pulling back. "Get to work on..." Worm's eyes fluttered closed and I had a feeling he was having a heard time concentrating.

I chuckled against his skin then pulled back. "I think what your daddy means is..." But Gerard was already there. Ray was now laying on his back, with his bra and skirt discarded and Gerard between his legs. he wasn't sucking on his length though, merely running his tongue over it, but it was enough for Ray to be moaning. The hand that had been stroking the large member was on Gerard's head, urging him to go faster. His other hand was still massaging his chest, as was Gerard's. Gerard's other hand was running over Ray's belly, stroking at the skin gently. Ray's head was tipped back, soft words of encouragement falling from his gorgeous, thick lips. He looked so beautiful like that.

When his hazel eyes opened up I could see exactly what he was looking at. Bert's cock. He released Gerard's hair and used his one hand to urge Bert onto all fours. Obviously, he was still as strong as I expected, despite being a sub. Bert complied, moving how Ray wanted him, all without letting Worm's arousal fall from between his lips. With my boy's cock hanging in front of his lips he returned his hand to it's former position, then looked at me as if for confirmation. I nodded with a smile, then watched as he took all of Bert's shaft between his lips. I had to admit I was surprised by how easy he did it. Clearly he'd had plenty of practice, but the question was with who?

I felt my hardness twitch against my belly, but knew there was nothing to be done about it right now. Besides, practically everyone else was close to coming and I knew it would take a considerable amount of effort to get me to shoot again. Instead, I settled with watching them all for now, wondering who would climax first. I had a feeling it was between Worm and Ray. I looked at Gerard as he took just the tip of Ray into his mouth, suckling on it. Strangely, he didn't take anymore, even though I knew he could handle all of Ray's member. I kept my eyes on him, watching him just suckle the head for a few minutes, before pulling back and running his tongue over his veins. I leant in close to Worm, licking at the sweat that had formed on his neck before whispering softly in his ear. "Why isn't he sucking him off?"

Worm chuckled softly bucking up into Bert's mouth. "Isn't it obvious?" When I shook my head he turned to face me, staring into my eyes. "Because it's his sister. And sister's don't have cock's to suck." He grinned at me, then his eyes squeezed shut as he thrsust forward, letting out a loud, low groan. Now it made sense, perfect sense really. "Fuck..."

I returned his smile, whispering softly to him again, this time not a question, but words of encouragement. "That's it Worm, do you like my boy's mouth? I know he loves your cock. He's such a whore for it." I ran my hands over Worm's chest, pinching his hardened nipples. "Cum hard down his throat. I know your close. You only make groans like that when you are." He made another groan, louder then the previous one. "That's it.. fuck his whore throat until you cum." I pressed my lips closer to his ear, making my voice even lower then before so none of them could hear me. "Then well have some alone time."

That sent him over the edge and he let out a loud half-groan, half-grunt as he spilled down my boy's throat. I kissed his tattoo again, then sat back, ready to watch the chain reaction before me. Since I'd last watched Ray and Gerard, their hands had changed. Gerard's right hand was working his little cock, while the other was working two fingers into Ray's opening while his tongue danced over Ray's shaft. Ray's hands were now both one his chest, though they weren't doing anything apart from gripping himself tightly. With a howl muted by Bert's cock down his throat, Ray came over his chest. My eyes widened as I watched how much he shot out from his thick member and I could safely say I'd never seen a guy shoot that much. Gerard's fingers quickly left his hole and his mouth left his cock to lap up the rivers of cum before they dried up.

Bert pulled away from Worm's dick, planting gentle kisses over his belly as he rocked against Ray's mouth, the guitarist too tired from his orgasm to bob his head as he had previously. He looked at me and I knew he desired confirmation he was allowed to cum, just as Ray had asked for permission to suck him. I gave him a small nod, watching as he ground his hips against Ray's face. It took a few more such movements for him to cum, but when he did he instantly pulled back, spraying most of it over Ray's face. "Thank you daddy." He whispered between pants, then moved away from him, curling up at my feet. His hair felt so soft against my feet and I reached down to stroke his side.

Gerard moved up Ray's body, lapping at the seed Bert had just deposited on his sisters face. I could tell the taste was driving him wild. "Make sure to shoot over your sister's titties."

"Yes daddy." Gerard whispered, moving to sit on Ray's tummy once he'd lapped up all the cum. Ray reached around Gerard's waist with one hand, pushing him closer to him. I watched as Gerard's cock slide easily between Ray's breasts, then he was released and Ray pushed the too soft mounds together. My eyes instantly widened, though I could see Worm smirk, obviously pleased by my reaction. I watched as Gerard rocked back slightly, but he didn't do too many movements. "Daddy!" Gerard's head tipped back and, just from Ray's tits being around him, he came over them.

Ray let go of his chest and I watched Gerard pull back, curling up around him and licking him clean as he had done before.


Worm grinned at my reaction, leaning in close to me. "Isn't that amazing? He can only do it with Gerard's for now, but I'm working on him doing more that way. Perhaps your boy can try later." I nodded, too speechless to form any kind of cohesive response. All the blood that should be in my brain had been diverted to making my cock ache. "I believe you promised me some alone time." He smirked, easing me out of the coach. "Be good you three, your daddy's are spending sometime together."

"Yes daddy." The pair of them said in unison as we stood, Worm leading me to the door to his room. I could see Bert shift to be beside them, curling up against Ray's opposite side.

Worm turned back to them once we were through the doorway and once I was sat on the large, soft bed. "And make sure Bertie doesn't molest your sister until we're back."

"Yes daddy."
Tags: bert mccracken, bert mcracken/bob bryar, bob bryar, fic, gerard way, gerard way/worm/ray toro, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash, the used, worm
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