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With designer drugs and designer friends

So I'm back to smoking. Yeah, I never officially quit and have wanted to for the past few weeks but Sunday I had one. And another right now.

I don't see it as a problem. I mean, I've never smoked to the insane levels some do (60 a day? how the fuck?) so I know there's no damage. I only have half a pack (cause that's how I found it) so I'll have to find the other packs I have. I have sixish somewhere. See, this proves how little I smoke. I had one of those big packs from the airport when I last went abroad (about 2 years ago now) and there's still at least half of them left, probably more.

Anyway, enough of that.

I watched the Stephen Hawking thing last night on 4. he's so damn smart (course, I knew that already) and it's amazing he's lived this long considering he was given 2 years to live... 40 years ago. I've always liked space and stuff, so it was interesting to watch. (Which reminds me to watch Horizon tonight cause that's about space too.) I think I understood it all too.

Then there was Skins. I don't like Michelle's sister and I think she might be a bit of a hypocrite (telling her not to take advantage of Sid... then screwing him). Of course, that doesn't matter cause Maxxie got topless. I really hope him and Tony get together. I think they will.

Anyway, Mikey's coming today so... yay! I'll still be on tonight (no escape Claire!) but I won't be on till about 8:30ish.

Right now I'm finishing fic, which should be posted soon. (Within an hour.)

The enxt one I'll work on is Matt/Padge, then finish the next part of Plaything (I hate that causa comp fucking around I lost what I had so I lost inspiration for it... it coulda been done by now) then the other two I have open. I still need to work out who to pair with Ilan.

Anyway, I should go finish up now. Au revoir.
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