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Take a chance and roll the dice (to see if I'm getting drunk!)

I'm back from the course, about an hour early which is good. Today was mostly paperwork, though we had to go to a place outside town cause the main palce was full (with 70+ people, insanity).

Highlights of the day:
*While the other time I was there there was no pretty, this time there was one. Oh yes. He had pale skin, hair longer then mine and a guh neck. And he was wearing black. His name's Chris.
*A very tall guy being in class and having to duck to get under doors
*Porn on someone's phone of a guy's cock (which practically reached his knees and I think he was soft... Toro?)
*Knowing that yes I'll be in a charity shop the week after next... then somewhere more commerical which may keep me on (though I'd still rather work in Forbidden Planet as a permenant job)
*Being allowed tomorrow off and next week to be with my baby. Yay!

*I'm probably stuck with that cunt Dave Wednesday. I hoped he'd do Tuesday so I'd miss him, but alas. Maybe he'll get hit by a car.

Anyway, after that I got Saw 3 then came home. Waiting for me was Saw 4 (how awesome is that saw thing? no where in Cannock had it!) and Stardust. I'll probably watch one tonight, after that Stephen Hawking thing on 4. Possibly Saw 4.

It also snowed a little.

Mum's annoying. Why does she have to look at my stuff? Bah. She knows Mikey's coming... but not tomorrow. So I'm trying to keep it on the down low or whatever.

Anyway, food's ready (pasta) and I really need it since I haven't had anything all day. Then I'll try and finish that fic I started. I had a little block with it cause I wasn't sure where to take it... then got an idea just before my eyes started going. Bah.
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