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Pairing: Padge/Jay
Rating: NC-17
POV: Padge
Challenge: 5: Props

Jay groaned softly as I pushed the barrel of the rifle inside him, watching as the metal cylinder spread him open. I knew his eyes were squeezed tightly shut, his fingers digging into the floor. I rested my hand on his arse, more of it entering his willing body. Little slut. As I pulled it out slightly, I made a mental not to thank whoever it was that came up with the idea for us to have guns for this shoot. I rammed it back within his tight heat, hearing him moan out loud.

This was his idea, the little whore. If I did this he promised to do whatever I wanted. And I had plans for him.

He cried out my name loudly, his untouched cock spilling his seed over the floor. I smiled and eased the rifle out of him, deciding to take it home with us too. It'd come in handy.
Tags: bfmv100, bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/padge, padge, slash
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