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Have you ever encountered a Jedi Knight before sir?

So last night my brain finally decided to activate and start up writing properly. Huzzah!

Should I give details or not? Hmm. Well, it's not on the to-do list I did awhile back (which I'll update now) and it has Worm in it. So far it's about a page long. Oh and it's a sequel.

The first TNA dvd is on the way (so why was Saw 3 cancelled?). Another huzzah! I'm still not 100% sure if Johnny's on it, but I'm optimistic. I mean he's gotta be in one of the 50 right?

I'm in a Bert mood so I have The Used on. It maes me wanna see the Buried Myself Alive video again. Gods that's hot. Has anyone seen it? Quinn's all bound and guh. (Is there caps?)

Ray looks guh in the new calendar.

Once more that hermaphrodite!Jay dream strikes again. First it was just him playing with himself, then bukkake, then gang fucking and beating and now... well it was double fucking really. I dunno.

Because I'm useless and keep forgetting: how awesome are Mikey's new tee's? Especially the first one with Gerard (huzzah for Waycest).

I'm even more fucking glad nan's getting out of that home now. They've killed someone there.


It's Mother's Day today, which means spending time with mum a little bit. Joy.

There's a sore or something on my tongue. It's owwy sometimes. bah.

Sometime soon I'm doing a Star Wars run (it was meant to be this weekend but I forgot and next weekend is busy). That's all 6 films plus the Clone Wars plus Blue Harvest. Even though I absolutely love Star Wars I've never done a run of all six (even spread out over a few days, something I managed with LOTR). I've done an OT run but not a PT run for some reason. I've kept meaning to do one since getting Episode III on dvd, but alas, life is cruel and I have a tendancy to sleep through the days when I could have done it. I normally just put on III or V randomly sometimes. Cause Empire is awesome.

Speaking of run's I was meant to do a Resident Evil run tis week, but didn't. Damnit. I might try and do it tonight/tomorrow.

That reminds me I watched House Of The Dead 2 last night. Gods. I wish I hadn't got it. Hiro's only in it for like 2 seconds (and he's the reason I wanted it) and it pretty much feels like a rip off of Resident Evil minus the good effects (and plus idiots that think a uni campus would only have two zombies). I managed to watch it till the end (ugh) and it's now chucked on my non-favorite dvd pile. In short I'll never watch it again unless it's a form of torture. Still, it's nowhere near as bad as Skinned Deep which is the lowest of the low film wise.

This post is turning long a rambly no?

So I'll go for now. Dinner's almost ready, then I'll be back writing.

I hate that tomorrow's that fucking course. Ugh. I hate that place. Still, least I'll get experience even though it ruins my days.
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