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Our blockade is perfectly legal

Another day without any drive at all. And my joints ache still. What the fuck is up with them? Maybe I should see someone?

I hate Play. From the looks of it it's screwing up so all the orders left (Saw 3, other TNA, Doctor Who Christmas Special and figures) might all be declined. Bah. I guess it's a wait-and-see thing, since it's only Saw 3 so far, which I can get Monday. All the rest of the stuff I'll have to look for with Mikey, but should be alright to get most of them over the next few weeks. It's just I wanted the convenience of doing it online.

I keep having the same recurring dream. I blame Claire and Darla for it.

Mum ended up knocking out the plug last night which pissed me off. Especially since the comp had to go funny early and I had to restart it then too.

I watched Dexter last night. Well, what I could, cause mum was in here mumbling. There's something so hot about the way he talks about serial killers, killing and death. I'm twisted, I know.

All the cards are sorted in a folder now.... except for two. Bastards. One's at the very page, so I have to reorder 20+ pages just to sort that. Fucker.

Why does Kit's starfighter have to have stickers? Worse, why do the instructions have to have writing that's so fucking small it's near impossible to tell what goes where?


I'm meant to have sorted the bed out today, but still haven't yet. Damn drivelessness.

I need to find my chqeue book tomorrow. And find some way to tell mum Mikey's coming tonight.

Look at the perdy
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