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White On You

White On You
Pairing: Jon Walker/Spencer Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Spencer
Notes: My first Jon-fic, for that Jon bottoming meme thing.

Looking at Jon Walker you wouldn't think he was a cock sucker. I thought it was the facial hair. True, he told me he once thought he was straight, but that was before he met Pete Wentz. Sometimes I thought Pete was responsible for all the homosexual activity that occured in every band he encountered. He taught Jon a few things. Only afew though. Once he'd tasted his first cock he took to it like a fish to water. Apparently. That's why Pete assigned him to us I think, so he got more cock. After all, three cock's were better then one.

I smiled down at him as he bobbed up and down on my cock, running my fingers through his soft hair. I didn't think Ryan or Brendon truly appreciated this gift he'd given us. Sure, they used him, but they discarded him afterwards. They didn't care for his needs. I did. I'd stay with him and held him while he jacked off. Once I got my breath back I'd always play with his ass while he did so. It all depended what he wanted. Sometimes he was content to have a finger or two up there, other times he'd want my tongue or cock there instead. Other times my fist.

"That's it, harder." He squeezed his lips around me tighter, his face already stained from where the other guys had came. He had more on him then usual, Zack's handiwork. "Fuck..." His tongue twirled around my leaking tip, flicking over my slit before he dived back down all the way to the base. He hummed around me as his nose pushed into my thick pubic hair and I felt his nostrils flare as h einhaled my scent. One of his hands was cupped around my balls, while the other rampantly fisted his cock. Sometimes all it took was a dick between his lips for him to be able to get off. I tipped my head back, thrusting my hips as I felt myself getting close. That was the one problem with Jon, he was almsot too good at what he did. No one could last within his wet, warm mouth. We'd timed ourselves once. The longest we could go was 15 minutes.

I let out a howl of pleasure, gripping his hair tighter as I came down the back of his throat. The others may have came over his face, but I prefered doing it this way. I saw it as such a waste, though it made him look fucking beautiful.

As I panted softly and pulled away from his shiny lips, I could see he'd came already. he'd left a sticky mess all over his belly, some dribbling down his fingers into his hair. He sucked his fingers into his mouth one by one, purring at the taste of himself, then he climbed up beside me, curling against my panting chest. He'd let the rest of it dry. He liked it that way.
Tags: fic, jon walker, jon walker/spencer smith, panic! at the disco, slash, spencer smith
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