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Because no one, anywhere, ever would pretend to be a 44 year old virgin

Today's been a tiring day. My arms ache.

I went out to see nan, to take some bed stuff back and get Umbrella Academy.

So I've been from here to Walsall to Wolverhampton to Walsall to Bloxwich to home.

Good things:
*The last of the cards arriving
*Getting an early Easter present off nan: one of those insanely small iPod nanos (it's so fucking tiny, it's the size of a mobile screen) and speakers
*Money from jobcenter being in. Odd, but very yay! (especially since it wasn't meant t be in at all)
*The sci-fi shop still having Kit Fisto's Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor (yes I use the full technical name cause I'm a geek like that) at £10: so I got one for me and babu
*Woolworth's Doctor Who figs being buy one get one free. Damn them not having Sarah Jane. I got Toby and Rose (causa the extinguisher thing), I'll try getting The Editor Monday
*Umbrella Academy 6! yay! (even though I blatently missed it and had to ask at the counter, damnit)
*Total Guitar having both Matt's on the front (which was enough to make me buy, plus it has Lostprophets and others inside)
*Getting my own Clomps!
*Ickle tiny pony's of love!

Bad things:
*None of the card packs having Yoda, Executer, Death Star, R2 or Superlaser. bastards
*NO WHERE having the TNA dvd's I want
*NO WHERE having The Blackout's single
*My arms aching
*AOL not letting me send e-mails
*Sugar's interview with Gerard. It doesn't sit well with me (probably causa 'the wife' ugh)
*Mum having a tumble yesterday

I'm gonna do a short Jon fic later (possibly with Spencer).

I ache still and I'm sorting I-pod's playlist, then I'll try and sort cards and be online.

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